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"Beggin For Your Love"

Genre: Rhythm and Blues
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Added: 02/05/2011
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Name / Band Name: Vanice
Genres: Acoustic, Christian, Inspirational, Rhythm and Blues, Spiritual
Location: Parkland, WA United States

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Member Since: 02/05/11
Profile Views: 2237
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Likeability Rating: 7 out of 10
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Up and coming R&B artist, singer-songwriter, and vocal trainer,Vanice, learned her love for music at a very young age. Starting with the beautiful vocals of her father, and then growing up in a baptist church where her mother sang in one of the largest and greatest choirs in the northwest. Church is where she found her biggest influence from a former member, Michelle Kornegay, or who sang "His Eye Is On The Sparrow."From that moment on, she knew that she wanted her gift to not just be music, but to utilize her gift to touch and change lives. So she took a hymn book home from church that Sunday and stood to sing in the vacuum cleaner handle and never stopped singing after!" says her mother.

She began singing in choirs at her home church, St. John Baptist. Starting with the beginners choir and ending with the youth choir. She also took up choir in middle school and continued on throughout high school where she also competed in many talent competitions. Today, she continues with choirs at her church, Divine Revelation Ministries, where she is the director of both the children and adult choir, head of the childrens praise team, and leader of the adult praise team. She has also participated in many other vocal activities such as Hal Jackson's Talented Teens Scholarship Competition where she ended up being the first 13 year old to ever place, placing as 3rd and then the following year in the same pageant placing as 2nd. She's also done a vocal competition at the Tacoma Mall where 3LW judged! In 2007 she did a gospel competition where national recording producer, Derek DC Clark, judged and placed 3rd!

Being vocally talented has always been something everyone's known about Vanice. She's also a poet. "I just hear creative tunes in my head and write down whatever comes to mind at the time!"Her most known song that you can find on myspace.com/dvl1787 "Love Me" was written in her sophomore year in high school. "Someone asked me to tell them how I really felt about them and this tune hit me and so I put 2 and 2 together, and came up with a tear jerker!" Playing the piano is another small talent Vanice has. "It's just something she picked up." says her mother. "At a young age, piano lessons stopped being so fun! But she can still pick up somethings here and there." Says her father.

Growing up she's always been surrounded by great music and phenomenal musicians! Her oldest brother, Drew-P, a producer and well known and very talented drummer who can also play a little piano. Her baby brother, AJ, an upcoming piano player, vocalist, and producer, who also takes up drums and clarinet. Attending her oldest brother's performances with local live band “D1 Experience” is what at first landed her as a singer in the group where she later took on the role of the vocal coach. Prior to the new year, she did back up for international recording artist Shyan Selah and Republic of Sound and has collaborated with lots of different artist. She was also a former member of “Nu Empire” where she began working on her debut album “A Woman's Anthem!”

Some of her influences are India Arie, Lalah Hathaway, Etta James, Beyonce, Norah Jones, Algebra, Jazmine Sullivan, Tank, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Joe, Tonex, Natalie Cole, and many more!!! Anything that sounds good and touches the soul is good for her! Her one wish is to one day be able to yodel! For now, she plans to learn and master every kind of music she possibly can and also become one of the first black women to own a successful record label that provides all the necessities for all artist to master their gifts. She'll continue to be active in church and strive to make it BIG in the industry to bring back substance and good music everyone can listen to. “The only way to reach everyone musically, is to learn and love all different types of music!”


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