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Twizm Whyte Piece TWP_FCR247

Welkome 2 Amerika

Genre: HipHop
Views: 683
Added: 01/04/2019
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Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Twizm Whyte Piece TWP_FCR247
Genres: HipHop, Pop, Rap, Rhythm and Blues
Location: Toronto, ON Canada

Artist Stats

Member Since: 08/04/16
Profile Views: 2505
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 2

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Multi Award Winning independent hiphop Entertainer ... http://www.OfficialTwizmWhytePiece.com


Sample Songs
So Many Yrs Snippet - Twp F Darae Twizm Whyte Piece TWP_FCR247

Album List

Official Twp Legend
Official Twp Legend
Hustalaz 2 Kyngz 2 - #H2K22016
Hustalaz 2 Kyngz 2 - #H2K22016


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