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Tivoli Skye

I am Yours

Genre: Indie
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Added: 07/01/2014
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Posted on: 28th July, 2017 11:42:42

Wow that was really good. I am normally very critical of most all vocalist. Maybe because I have a daughter that sings? But in this case I gave you 5'$ across the bored they were well deserved. My daughter "Melissa Eibeck" has a couple songs on here as w

Posted on: 21st September, 2016 19:23:19

I love your music!

Posted on: 8th August, 2015 10:07:40

Tivoli is a one in a million artist. 5 star performance all the way from start to finish;)

Posted on: 1st March, 2015 01:21:48

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Tivoli Skye
Genres: Acoustic, Country, Folk, Indie, Pop
Location: Rochester, NY United States

Artist Stats

Member Since: 02/12/13
Profile Views: 9612
Artist Rating:
Likeability Rating: 8 out of 10
Fans: 6

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started piano lessons age 4, guitar age 11, wrote my first song age 9, first original song sung publicly at sixth grade talent show for over 600 people. first album heard live on radio WBER age 12, started playing out with my guitar mentor JIm lane at his gigs - Argyille Grill was first, then many times at schooners, and Bayside Marina, festivals , private bars etc.. at age 13, opened the Summerfestival in Potsdam, sold my homemade cd's " Faded" My mother did all of the copying, making of the lyrics , credits, copyrighting, packaging etc.. got my own first gig at Starbucks, sitting in the corner playing live for 2 hours on Sunday nights for cocoa an d tips. A friend found out about new place opening up - went and found out they had an open mic at Lovin Cup - showed up and played , next thing was I became a regular and was asked soon after to be part of the Lovin Cup idol. I was 13 youngest in the competition. I came to be #7 out of 52 contestants in the top ten:), won best pop at 9th grade academy after that 75.00, opened fo r Tegan and the tweeds day before I turned 14, OPened for Left on Red, Loveful Heights, Diverse threads, my own gigs, Opened @Easy on East for Something else with Boxman ( Mark Bader) , oopened with Melia, Clearly from Negligence, lots more - recorded 2nd album " Just Me" live in teh studio at age 14, it has my own artwork onthe cover , I play piano and guitar - it is just me:) then started recording a produced album with Mark Bader Music producer at 15 " Adventures of a Teenage Life" Had my album release party at Lovin Cup - which was great ! Boxman and willy O'Riley accompanied me, they ar efantastic. I can only wish to someday convince them to be in a band with me:) That would be a dream come true. I have played at teh Tala Vera, opened for Amanda ashley , Tango cafe, Tala Vera with Shirley King( Bb kings daughter), Opened for Mama hart band, Mitty and the Followers,It's My Party, Seabreezers, played at fairport Landing Cruise nights, Waterloo outlet mall, Vitale Park for Wegmans series, scoops, Played Deer Run winery by myself 2 times, invited to play at the Mall of Ameria at the Largetst Indie Festival , chosen one of 20 dosome chosen out of 15,000 submissions, played live at SCMC music conference at Chevy Chase Maryland event, winner of the Boston Hard Rock cafe best Singer songwriter, Winnner at IMC awards in Hollywood of the Best teen demo for story of our lives about the Holocaust. Played live in Tujunga at the Steele Pit opened for rythm crew, also played live on hard Rock Cafe stage at IMC awards- and @ Sunset Gower sstudios fo rNominee reception. Winner in Staten Island of the Miss NY Pageant Foundation Upstander award Scholarship of 1,000, for my volunteerism/activism/fund raising/music/ Senator Klein was there- I helped pass the Jamey Rodemyer Bill with Miss NY Kaitlin MONte by raising signatures at my gig The UPRising!" Stand up and Stand out" Positive Role Models against bulying, abause and for suicide prevention awareness gig March 8, 2012 . awarded the do the Right thing award by Rochester Police Department, played live at Step in stand out know what bulllying is all about @ Highland Bowl, w/ Senator Robach and County Executive Maggie Brooks, Featured opening artist @ Western New York Childrens Mental Wellness Coalition Conference- held a workshop , Q& A and gave away my song " I Don't Care" cd for anti bulllying and self love. If you would like to read more about my family , you can go to indiemusicchannel.com/profile/TivoliSkye and read hear music etc... I have a website www.tivoliskye.com also , and aphone number 1 858 Tivoli 1 - I am working on an album right now called "Day Dreamer". I am a Senior in High school now . I love animials, I have a cat named Tucker, and used to have a guinea pig named Cocoa white chocolate Caramel. I used to be on a local swim team, diveing club at EIT won a full scholarship to that. full scholarship to the YEA academy at the U Of R graduated form that at age 13 - sold my first business at a profit, and now have Skye 32 as my business I produce music and do my music business under. I hope you like my music, please visit cdbaby/ itunes and amazon for the albums - Most recent album " Adventures of a teenage Life" itunes- https://itunes.apple.com/US/artist/tivoli-skye/id431684182?ign-mpt=uo%304


www.cdbaby.com/cd/tivoli2 for " Just Me" live in the studio album-

www.cdbaby.com/cd/tivoli for the album "Faded" ages 11-13 .


Sample Songs
First Kisses snippet from Adventures of a Teenage LIfe album - Tivoli Skye www.cdbaby.com/cd/tivoliskye Tivoli Skye
Promise snippet form Adventures of a Teenage LIfe album www.cdbaby.com/cd/tivoliskye Tivoli Skye
Break me snippet from Adventures of a Teenage LIfe album www.cdbaby.com/cd/tivoliskye Tivoli Skye

Album List

Just Me / Tivoli Live in the studio
Just Me / Tivoli Live in the studio
Faded- Tivoli Skye
Faded- Tivoli Skye
EP/Adventures of a Teenage LIfe- Tivoli Skye
EP/Adventures of a Teenage LIfe- Tivoli Skye
I am Yours - Single - Tivoli Skye
I am Yours - Single - Tivoli Skye
"Don't Make Me Wait"- Single- Tivoli Skye
"Don't Make Me Wait"- Single- Tivoli Skye
I Don't Care /Single Teaser
I Don't Care /Single Teaser
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer
Story of our Lives-Single/Electronica
Story of our Lives-Single/Electronica


IMC Awards-6:00 red carpet/awards/ musicians play
all genres/artists from all over the world artists
House of Blues/Sunset Blvd. Foundation Room
April 28, 2013
IMC Nominee reception-
INdie music channel nominee reception
Sunset Blvd-6:00 red carpet
April 27, 2013