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Big City Streets

Genre: Rock
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Added: 07/29/2015
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Name / Band Name: Tigerswan
Genres: Rock
Location: Valby, Denmark

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Member Since: 07/29/15
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Tiger/Swan is a whole new, Scandinavian based rock band and came out of nowhere in April 2014 and quickly made a name for themselves. Their first single, the sociocritical “We Don’t Need Anybody”, was named "Track of the day” by GFrock.dk on May 23rd (who also did a thorough interview with the band) and "Track of the week” (22) by ShoutOutMusic.dk. The song was mixed in the U.S. at Plyrz Studios, California, by renowned producer/engineer Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty) and released with an alternative radio mix and a live-recorded piano version. Shortly after the release, the band warmed up for the prolific danish, bands and artists "Dúné", "Electric Guitars" and "Mike Tramp".
In December 2014 the band released their 2nd single ”Big City Streets”, a song about life in the city, for better or for worse. The song shows a more pop-oriented side of the band, and is another look at what to expect from the bands forthcoming debut album, which is expected midway through 2015.
Frontman Andreas elaborates on the two singles: “Both of the songs are more than just a pop chorus and catchy hooklines. “WDNA” is a shout-out and a praise to those who dare to stand out in society without the fear of judgement, and “Big City Streets” is our view of life in the big city, as it is. The way we see it the big city is a gathering of all types of angels and demons imaginable. It’s a place where you either stumble and fall or rise up from the crowd. It’s a place filled with tragedy and beautiful stories. We’re just telling one of them.”

Tiger/Swan is a group of five, young and very ambitious men from Copenhagen, Denmark. The music is bombastic and is the danish answer to stadium rock. The music is pompous and the essence in the music is the strong melodies and themes with the classic constellations of rock and is full of identity.
In the fall of 2014 Tiger/Swan took part in the "Rock 'N' Charity Tour", a recurring tour made to collects money for the Children’s Cancer Foundation, as a part of their own tour around Denmark with great feedback from the audience.

This summer in 2015 they have been touring around in California, and are going back as soon as possible to record some songs with the former guitarist from Lifehouse and Savage Garden, Ben Carrey.
Besides touring around Tiger/Swan is about to release their debut album. It’s almost done and ready to set


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