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The Q

The Q - "Where Have All The Good Times Gone" video

Genre: Rock
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Added: 12/01/2013
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Name / Band Name: The Q
Genres: Pop, Rock
Location: , United Kingdom

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Member Since: 12/01/13
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The Q formed in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK in 2006 and consists of Mike Veale, (guitar & vocals), Tim Vanstone, (guitar & vocals), Dean Gifford, (bass), Shane Blackshaw, (drums).

We have a real passion for the music we write and play and love to perform for our audience.

In November 2006 we released 2 demo tracks on Detour Records, “She” and “Through Your Eyes”. Both tracks were well received and reviewed by independent music press and this caught the attention of legendary producer of “The Jam”, Vic Coppersmith-Heaven. In January 2008, The Q went into the studio with Vic to re-record Through Your Eyes along with another two tracks, “Interlude” and “Big Issue” which were released as part of our debut EP, “ISSUES”, on Time For Action Records in Germany in November 2008. In 2011 The Q released their first full length album, Sonically Sound both physically, (through Time For Action Records), and digitally, (through Cargo Records).

In January 2013 we headed back into a studio with Greg Haver, (The Manic Street Preachers, Catatonia, Bullet For My Valentine etc..), to record “Chemical Overload”, one of 2 EP’s planned for release in quick succession.

“Chemical Overload” was released in 2013 as 4 independent digital singles before coming together on a limited edition vinyl EP released on the 9th December 2013.

We take our inspiration from the same well of soles that the likes of "The Jam", "Secret Affair" and even "The Who" did. If you see The Q live you’ll see a performance reminiscent of the bands behind our inspiration, powerful, energetic and memorable.

Be part of THE NEW MODERN CULTURE - Join “THE Q” because the only place you wanna be right now is right at the front!!


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