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TaNeal - "No One Else"

Genre: Rhythm and Blues
Views: 3158
Added: 02/06/2011
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Taneal awesome vocals and nice video!

Posted on: 1st August, 2016 23:01:56

girl that track is hot

Posted on: 24th January, 2016 03:27:28

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Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: TaNeal
Genres: Rhythm and Blues, World Music
Location: Duluth, GA United States

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Member Since: 02/06/11
Profile Views: 6185
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 5

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A new voice! Sexy Neo-Soul sensation TaNeal is sweeping new fans off their feet. They say some things come back around full circle like bell-bottom jeans, well real music does. TaNeal's soulful style of writing follows the way love touched you with Anita Baker. Her passionate vocals bring that edgy gritty sound as Mary J. Blige and Lauryn Hill. This is just the beginning! There is no stopping good univerSoul music wants you let it in!

TaNeal - Neo-Soul/Soul-House artist is back with her sophomore cd “A New Discovery!” This project includes even better lyrics written by the artist with production contributed from Melle Keyz, Laman Richards, John Butterfield and Daniel Gjosev. You have taken a journey with “Learning 2 Love” now witness what she has with “A New Discovery.” From “Mommy’s Angel” to “Good Times,” each song has its own compelling rhythm but fuses together for a splendid Neo-Soul Dish!

“TaNeal’s raw talent and street sass has gained her significant buzz” – Pink Head Phones

“You will be captivated by her song writing and vocal ability” – LFP Media

"Don't Call Her Local!" -Hip Hop/R&B Critic Manny Wallace

“She’s taking it back to the old school where you really had to pose the talent to sing live if you wanted a career in the industry” – Nine5Four Magazine


A percentage of proceeds from "A New Discovery" will go toward Sarcoidosis Research. More info on the research can be found at www.stopsarcoidosis.org

Check out more info and media footage on TaNeal at

Opening Act for:
D-n-G of SHAI

Read more: http://www.taneal.com/


Sample Songs
Atmosphere TaNeal

Album List

TaNeal - Learning 2 Love
TaNeal - Learning 2 Love
TaNeal - A New Discovery
TaNeal - A New Discovery


TaNeal's Dinner and a Show Event
Fujiyama Steakhouse - Columbus, Ohio
March 5, 2011