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[Ryan Inglis]

Ryan Inglis - Starlight

Genre: Acoustic
Views: 3227
Added: 11/08/2013
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not bad

Posted on: 2nd October, 2014 20:40:42

This video by Ryan has a powerful and well
produced song The video is excellent.Ryan has one of those rare qualities in his presentation where you are immediately drawn in before you have even heard the best of him!

Posted on: 25th September, 2014 04:24:00


Posted on: 11th November, 2013 22:11:53

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: [Ryan Inglis]
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Indie
Location: Bleadon, United Kingdom

Artist Stats

Member Since: 06/05/10
Profile Views: 11468
Artist Rating:
Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
Fans: 33

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single released 15/08/11 available from iTunes and Amazon MP3 (scan my profile picture with a QR reader app on your smartphone to get to my website and purchase)

Acoustic album '7 Blank Tiles' also available on iTunes


Sample Songs
Secret [Ryan Inglis]
If I Fall [Ryan Inglis]

Album List

7 Blank Tiles (Front)
7 Blank Tiles (Front)
7 Blank Tiles (Back)
7 Blank Tiles (Back)
The Time Is Now
The Time Is Now


Ryan Inglis @ Captain Morgans
Captain Morgans (Harrow)
June 19, 2010
Ryan Inglis @ The Seven Stars Hotel
Seven Stars (Totnes)
June 17, 2010
Ryan Inglis @ MI Bar
Acoustic Jam Night
MI Bar (W-s-M)
June 13, 2010
Ryan Inglis @ Illusions
Illusions Magic Bar (Bristol)
June 11, 2010