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Patty Howerton

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Live performance- Your side of the bed

Genre: Country
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Added: 10/16/2019
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Good Luck!!!!!

Posted on: 22nd October, 2019 12:58:42

Good Luck!!!!!

Posted on: 22nd October, 2019 12:58:42

Good Luck!!!!!

Posted on: 22nd October, 2019 12:58:15

Good luck

Posted on: 17th October, 2019 17:21:06

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Name / Band Name: Patty Howerton
Genres: Christian, Country
Location: South Portsmouth, KY United States

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Title: Patty Howerton
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My name is Patty Howerton and I live in South Portsmouth Kentucky. I’ve been married for 33 years and have two daughters and two granddaughters. I have worked in the legal field since 2002 and currently work at a law firm in Ashland Kentucky. I started singing at a very early age. Sang in church with my two sisters and did each other’s harmonies. My sister and I sang at a local jamboree for a few years when our kids were little and later decided to put things on hold for a while to focus on our kids. In the lates 90’s -early 2000’s I ventured out on my own singing country/gospel music using cd and tape soundtracks. I performed at local fairs, festivals, did some benefits and local competitions. I also sang at Renfro Valley in a couple talent searches after which I was chosen to perform and represent Team USA in a World Championship in Las Angeles later that year (1999) which included 30 countries world wide. It was an awesome experience. I later had the opportunity to sing a couple songs at the Nashville Palace and also met Vern Gosdin later that night which was amazing. I am currently singing karaoke now and then but now that my kids are grown and on their own I felt I’d like to get back out and continue what I started years ago and just see what happens. It's a great feeling when people who remembered that I sang ask me if I’m still singing. It’s nice to know that I may have made an impression on someone at some point and time.


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