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Natasha LeAnn

Wonder wall

Genre: Acoustic
Views: 258
Added: 10/25/2019
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Name / Band Name: Natasha LeAnn
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Country, Pop
Location: Salem, IN United States

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Member Since: 10/25/19
Profile Views: 364
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10

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I am a singer/songwriter from Salem, IN. I've been singing since I was able to talk. I am influenced by Alanis Morrisette, LeAnn Rimes, and Miranda Lambert. I grew up singing country music before I was introduced to Alanis and that's when I started developing my sound. I am a mix of country, pop, and alternative. I am always entering local singing competitions and always looking for opportunities to get my music out there and to follow my dreams. Music is my thing, it's all I want to do. I have two radio-ready songs that I have written, "King" and "Catch Me." Both of these songs are built around past failed relationships and the feelings surrounding the circumstance. My music reflects interpersonal struggles, anxiety, depression, and a quest for answers and closure. I am a full-time workin' mother just trying to reach my dreams!


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