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Molly Rae

Molly Rae sings Patsy Cline's "Leavin on Your Mind" at her show in March 2016

Genre: Country
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Added: 01/06/2017
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Name / Band Name: Molly Rae
Genres: Christian, Country, Inspirational, Opera
Location: Inverness, FL United States

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Member Since: 09/21/14
Profile Views: 4181
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Likeability Rating: 8 out of 10
Fans: 10

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Molly Rae is an 12 year old girl who lives in West Central Florida. She loves to sing and perform. She gets asked on a regular basis to sing at Churches, Oprys, Community Centers, restaurants, charity events, private parties, rodeos, fairs and more. We knew of her love for performing when she went to a theater arts summer camp for a few weeks, and she told her Mom she loved the stage so much, she wanted to sleep on the stage.

Back in September of 2013, she was asked by a family friend to sing with a band for an American Cancer Society Event. Since then, she has had a continual surge of requests to sing at places. Although we knew she could sing, we never planned on all of this happening so early in her life. God gets the credit for all of this.

She has also been a special guest in a few shows in the past year (at The Orange Blossom Opry a few times and at The Windhorse Theater). Plus, on 9/6/14, she put on her own '22 song show' at The Windhorse Theater in Eustis, FL (She was the "MC", too.)

Also, she was discovered on youtube recently by 3ABN Network. They taped her singing 17 songs (accompanied by 1 of their Pianists - Dr. Calvin Taylor) in May 2015 for the their "Kids Time" TV program. She will air on 3ABN later in 2015 or early 2016. They have also asked her to come back in November 2015 (she is preparing 17 more songs) to be taped again ... and also to come back in December 2015 for a live televised Christmas show they will be having.

Molly Rae is a sweet, motivated girl with what people say has a "natural musical instinct"... who truly loves God and people.

Molly Rae hopes to be a professional singer and actress one day.


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Cry Me a River Molly Rae

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