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Meadow Ryann

A Girls Advice the X-Box Song

Genre: Pop
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Added: 02/27/2013
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This video is done with such class and you bring those lyrics to life, Meadow! Love this song and video!

Peace - Keith

Posted on: 16th July, 2013 07:38:32

OMG..I love this video, but the song is even more amazing! Can't believe you wrote this song, it should be on the radio!! I for sure got it on iTunes girl!!

Posted on: 24th June, 2013 00:55:35

Awesome says it all !!♥♥

Posted on: 25th April, 2013 06:04:38

Your new video is GREAT!!!!! BUT, how'd you ever get a boy to ACT like they hurt you!!!!! lol!!!! Thanks for always supporting PinkleTank!!!! I rated your stuff as high as I could!!!!! o_o

Posted on: 1st March, 2013 10:03:12

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Name / Band Name: Meadow Ryann
Genres: Acoustic, Country, Pop
Location: Charlestown, IN

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My name is Meadow Ryann, yes that is the name I was born with...lol. Everyone asks me that. I am a young singer/songwriter from a small town in southern Indiana. I like to say I am a "small town girl, with big city dreams" I have written close to 100 songs in the past year or so. I just released my first original song with video to the public media on Feb.25th. It is called "A Girl's Advice" aka "the X-Box Song" I wrote it when I was 11 and recorded it when I was 12. I did not really write too many more songs until about 6 months later. Since then I have not stopped writing. I love to be in front of a crowd, that is where I am happiest. I have performed at many different venues, in several different states, including The Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, MS, The Brown Theater in Lou, KY, Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN as well as on a Carnival Cruise on the main deck, this is just a few of the many places. I have several shows scheduled this summer in FL, GA, TN, KY, and IN.
Just a few months ago I released my first cover album, "Wings", recorded in Nashville, TN. I have very recently begun work on my next album to be released, it will be an all original album. I am so excited about this project and can't wait until it is finished. I will also be working on my next music video soon. As well as singing, I also play several instruments. I play the guitar, ukelele, piano, drums and I am currently working on the banjo. Although, I am not as good at the piano and drums, as I am the guitar and ukelele.
My hopes for my music are to inspire others to always follow their heart no matter what others say. No one can steal your dreams unless you let them. I have had some negatives pursuing music, but I have had many more positives and that is what I always focus on. I have met so many amazing people during my journey in the past year or so. I have been able to travel to places and experience things that I may never have gotten the opportunity to do otherwise. Music gives me wings.".I am gonna fly, I'm gonna soar no matter what they say to me" That is the lyrics to one of the songs I wrote not too long ago. The song is called "Wings", ironically I wrote the song after my first album was named.
Hope that others enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing it and singing it!


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