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Matt OConnor

She Forgot

Genre: Classic Rock
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Added: 07/26/2011
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Name / Band Name: Matt OConnor
Genres: Acoustic, Classic Rock, Classical, Folk, Hard Rock
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Hello my name is Matt O'Connor, or Matty O' and I'm from a small town called Worcester Mass, where Abbie Hoffman was from. I've travelled a lot trying to find my way in music. My first destination was Boston. Back then I was only learning how to sing and play the guitar at the same time and I studied voice with Jeenie Diva's Voice Studio.
The place I was in wasn't condusive to practicing though, so I then moved to Spokane Wa where my mom was at the time with my step Dad. I after some touring around there first played with Spokane's Matt Kelly, a good street musician there, and then joined a band called What? What? didn't last long though. We played all of two shows and tried to cross to Seattle and only made it as far as Waterville Wa, a very small town. The band ended, and then I tried my luck in Los Angeles. I stayed there twice. Throughout I went to school at Los Angeles City College, a great school, where my talent became really sharpened in their Electronic Music and Classical Guitar Programs as well as their Performance Workshop Class where I became the class guitarist for the backing band. I had a band with some brilliant Japanese students, Tattoo Tatsuya Tojiki a very intense drummer, and Takashi Hirai on guitar, his main influence was Aeorsmith's Joe Perry. That band lasted a year untill they had to go back to Japan. In 2003 a friend of mine from school, a Greg Zera I played Greatful Dead Songs with, was murdered, which was very hard for me to deal with so I went back to Boston to recover. Back in Boston, I met a couple great kids, one Pierre Ratzki guitar, a much better guitarist than I, and his friend on bass Joey Jebari, with Jake Stayley of Berklee School of music on drums we had a smoking hot band and we played a couple of great shows! At the All Asia Bar we actually blew out the power! We made $60 bucks that day in donations. We were first called Slop then, my idea for a sloppy good times music, but the band later decided to change the name to Mattropolis. That band lasted a year, and then Pierre and Joey were sent off to seperate colleges by their parents, and thus sadly ended Mattropolis, so back to LA I went. This was 2005. I quickly rejoined the ranks of LACC, and formed another band called Weapons of Truth. That band also lasted a year and had all of one show on July 4'th of last year at a backyard barbecue/keg party to great success! The General Editor of Rip magazine itself, the great Lonn Friend read an introduction, and sold three copies of his book Life On Planet Rock which he autographed for everyone! I lost my job at Hollywood Rehearsal I had at the time to keep me going then, so sadly that band also ended and now I'm in Seattle, starting over again. I know this city will be very kind to me, and I'm already making my way!


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Errand Boy Matt OConnor
Rock Star Matt OConnor

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Seattle's Historic Blue Moon Tavern!
Open Mic!
August 10, 2011