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Eggshells//Original Song by Maddie

Genre: Indie
Views: 168
Added: 03/29/2019
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Love this song and this sweet sweet girl!!!

Posted on: 10th April, 2019 22:11:31

Love love love this song and LOVE this artist! Maddie is talented, authentic and has a heart of gold. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted on: 30th March, 2019 14:58:14

One of my favorites!!

Posted on: 29th March, 2019 22:34:02

Love this beautiful girl and her music ❤

Posted on: 29th March, 2019 21:34:04

Such a beautiful and talented young lady.

Posted on: 29th March, 2019 17:27:15

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Maddie
Genres: Acoustic, Indie, Pop, Rock
Location: Cash, TX United States

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Member Since: 03/29/19
Profile Views: 126
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 10

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I am a 14-year-old singer/songwriter from Cash, Texas. I play the piano, ukelele, acoustic and electric guitar, and the clarinet. I have been surrounded by music for as long as I can remember and have really become passionate about songwriting in the last two years. I currently play on Wednesday at a local winery and look forward to more live performances.


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