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Kenna Denease

I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga Georgia Dream Night 2019

Genre: Pop
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Added: 06/01/2020
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Name / Band Name: Kenna Denease
Genres: Classic Rock, Country, Indie, Pop
Location: Royse city, TX United States

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Member Since: 05/07/19
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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My name is Kenna Denease. I am 17, and I live in Royse City, Texas. When I was five my parents split up. My dad has a huge musical background, and it’s sad that he hasn’t been a huge role in my life. But, when I was younger my mom encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be. So, she put me in Cheer, Gymnastics, Soccer, UIL activities in school, sailing, etc. And, I had my heart set on being a lawyer until I was about seven. A week after my mom and stepdad got married, my uncle Don passed away. My uncle and I were close, and do to the fact I didn’t have much of a father figure, it was like losing a dad. Closer to the end of my uncles 36 years, we bonded over music. My uncle would do work and school on his laptop while I’d play CD after CD after CD, for hours on end. On October 12, 2012 my uncle was robbed and shot at Sherlock’s Pub in Dallas, Texas. I remember my mom coming into my room around 6 am on that Friday crying and telling me to get ready for school. I remember turning the TV on and seeing a picture of my uncle next to the caption: MAN SHOT AT PUB IN DALLAS. Two years after my uncles death and many, many interviews, a song came on the radio called Dancing In The Sky. That was the first song I sang on a live stage. From then on I told my mom that I was going to be a singer no matter how hard it was. By the time I reached fifth grade, I tried out for my first musical called Yes, Virginia. For hours I spent looking at YouTube learning how to play the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. After my audition, I was given the lead role of Virginia. The year after I was given the role Annie in Annie Jr. And, after singing at the Farmersville Opry multiple times, and performing in musicals, I saw Dalton Rapattoni on American Idol in 2016; He represented Rockwall and School of Rock. My parents drove me by there before a performance one night and we immediately signed up. Within one week, the music director at the School of Rock called and ask me to be the lead singer in their House Band. Country music was, from then on, not the only music. I was a “rocker.” From the House of Blues to Six Flags to any club in Deep Ellum, the House Band and I played our hearts out. Mid 2017 I branched off from School of Rock and created my own band 3 Blocks Away. Now, my Starting my Senior year, I sing all genres of music, and even Five different languages. And my stepdad often tells people that I can sing anything from Patsy Cline to Led Zeppelin. Last year I wrote a song called Never Go Away which was dedicated to my uncle. Although he’s not here, he is the reason I follow my dreams of being a musician. Music was always something he loved to listen to after long days at work, and that’s what I hope my music will do for someone else in the future.


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