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Jennifer DeLucy

Anyone Cover

Genre: Acoustic
Views: 668
Added: 02/10/2020
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Such a wonderful voice, so full and rich!
She's pretty too, that doesn't hurt.

Posted on: 2nd March, 2020 21:06:19

Amazing, such a rich and gorgeous voice! I could listen to her all day.

Posted on: 19th February, 2020 00:13:43

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Jennifer DeLucy
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Blues, Folk, Indie
Location: Seattle, WA United States

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Member Since: 02/10/20
Profile Views: 553
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 6

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Hi! I'm Jennifer DeLucy! By day I take care of kiddos with special needs, but the rest of the time I work on music! I raised my little brother and sister, and my brother died when he was twenty five. After he passed, I promised I'd never waste time and I wouldn't give up on my dreams. I hope I'm making him proud of his big sister!


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