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Harrison halewood

This is Home

Genre: Indie
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Added: 04/09/2019
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Wow amazing

Posted on: 26th April, 2019 15:50:59

your very talented. you wi!l go. far

Posted on: 25th April, 2019 17:58:44

You're Amazing Harrison!

Posted on: 25th April, 2019 14:10:42

Blew me away

Posted on: 25th April, 2019 02:36:29

Killing dude!

Posted on: 25th April, 2019 02:32:26

So talented and what an awesome yoing man!

Posted on: 24th April, 2019 22:49:02

So Cute, So Talented. You already blow all the competition away.

Posted on: 18th April, 2019 22:35:45

Wow! What a voice. What a talent

Posted on: 18th April, 2019 22:04:48

You’re going to go far !

Posted on: 12th April, 2019 21:25:33


Posted on: 12th April, 2019 19:26:07

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Name / Band Name: Harrison halewood
Genres: Indie, Inspirational, Pop
Location: Crowley, TX United States

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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Born in Fort Worth, Texas on July 14 2004 Harrison, is the youngest of the family's 4 children. He grew up in and still lives in Crowley Texas, but finds most of his work in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Harrison got his start in the entertainment industry at the Age of 4 as a Dillard's clothing model at the famous Studios at Las Colinas. A regular at CRM Stuidos, Harrison had a large breadth of work at a very young age. From there Harrison's love for the arts only blossomed. Inspired by his older brother Logan who moved to Los Angeles on his 18th birthday to pursue a career in visual arts, Harrison never had a doubt about his direction.

By the Age of 8 Harrison, without asking his parents, entered his first talent show and won by singing Where is Love from the musical Oliver. That summer he auditioned for and was cast in Casa Manana's Summer Stock show, Guys and Dolls and was cast as one of the gamblers and at the age of 8 a drunk patron. The following year he was cast in Casa Manana's, Music Man as Winthrop Paroo.

After his second Season at Casa Manana. Harrison auditioned for and was accepted at the age of 9, into the renowned Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, theater, and singing program. Harrison's second internal audition at the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts got him placed as one of the youngest ever members of the world famous traveling Texas Boys Choir. And though a health issue caused him to miss 2 months of school his talents kept him in both FWAFA and the Texas Boys Choir as his spots where held for his return. And as is still a key trademark of his work ethic today, Harrison worked diligently to get back to top form, complete his school work, pass the year and take part in numerous school plays, skits and musicals.

By his 3rd year at FWAFA, Harrison was landing lead roles in this school rife with some of the best young talent in the country. And at 12 years old landed the lead role as Buddy in Diviners and got rave reviews.

At the age of 13 Harrison's parents allowed him to audition and take work outside of the Fort Worth Area. Though they haven't let him get an agent as of yet. In his first year out auditioning for Television and Film, Harrison has Landed 4 lead roles in Television and Film. His first lead role was in Out of the Walls, directed by Jeremy Wilkinson and Rena Singlton.

Now at the age of 14 Harrison has been sining as lead vocalist in a band named The Kid Brotheres and preformed at may locations including Six Flags, now is singing solo to write and produced his own songs, Harrison has written 2 songs in 3 weeks and added his own music to them.


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