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Fortuna Sizzle Reel, 2019

Genre: Alternative
Views: 312
Added: 07/20/2020
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Name / Band Name: Fortuna
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Indie, Rock
Location: Bedford Hills, NY United States

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Member Since: 07/20/20
Profile Views: 359
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
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Title: Fortuna
Views: 769
Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10


A youth rock band with uniquely old souls. Located in Westchester, NY, Fortuna is made up of four tweens who always wow with a mix of originals and covers that exude their signature "moody" sound. Lead singer Fenton is highly influenced by the Pixies, Strokes and the Killers and his voice has been described by recording artist Kimberley Locke as "hashtag boom." Multi-platinum producer Shep Goodman expressed, "if I was back in middle school, I'd want to be in your band." They are the nicest quartet who love 90's rock music, cats, memes, and are literally clueless as to how cool they actually are. Please support Fortuna and these awesome kids!


Sample Songs
Take Me Out (Franz Ferdinand) Fortuna
Lose My Mind (original by Fenton Lio) Fortuna

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