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Courtney Jo


Genre: Country
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Added: 10/01/2019
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Posted on: 1st October, 2019 20:34:37

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Name / Band Name: Courtney Jo
Genres: Acoustic, Christian, Country, Pop, Rhythm and Blues
Location: South Shore, KY United States

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Member Since: 10/01/19
Profile Views: 469
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
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Hey y'all! I am a 27 year old aspiring country sing-song writer from South Shore, Kentucky. I am also a momma to an amazing 6 year old little boy & married to the best man a girl could ask for! I do most of my singing in national competitions such as KWC (Karaoke World Championship) of which I was one of the TOP 100 singers in the USA & I also am a repeat title holder down in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee through NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) 3 years in a row. I hope to get myself out there more & continue singing for years to come & keep doing what I love to do!


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