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Ghetto Gospel Remix

Genre: Rap
Views: 1735
Added: 12/23/2010
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Keep giving em a message. There ain't too many of us left doing that.

Posted on: 9th May, 2015 05:40:51

Thats whats up, like your video and the message

Posted on: 7th February, 2011 20:02:32

That's the good stuff.

Posted on: 10th January, 2011 14:01:32

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Name / Band Name: BossE
Genres: HipHop, Rap
Location: Detroit, MI United States

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Member Since: 12/22/10
Profile Views: 3346
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
Fans: 1

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Title: BossE
Views: 3324
Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10


Hey! My name is BossE, or you can just call me Edith :) I'm a hard-working rapper from Detroit ready to CHANGE THE WORLD! I'm here to spread a message of determination, hope, change, and open people's eyes to the world around us, there's a lot to learn :) and of course, to have fun along the way! music makes the world go round!


Sample Songs
Growin Up BossE
Misunderstood BossE
Blowin Up BossE

Album List

Tearing Down Boundaries
Tearing Down Boundaries


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