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Big Ace

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Genre: HipHop
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Added: 01/22/2010
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Name / Band Name: Big Ace
Genres: HipHop
Location: Boston, MA United States

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Member Since: 01/22/10
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Title: Big Ace
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Ace aka Anthony H. Thomas was born in Boston Massachusetts in a small urban town called Roxbury. He was raised in the inner city, and developed a strong passion for the performing arts during the early stages of his life. He began writing short stories and poetry in elementary school. To enhance his craft, and grasp a better understanding of story structure he enrolled in a creative writing class at Boston High School. A year after graduating from Boston High School he attended Bay State College for Business Administration and Northeast Broadcasting School for Record Engineering. He was involved in theater throughout school, and taught complex Stage Choreography for many talented local acts which became very successful. He's credited for working with Maurice Starr, Classic Example, Finest Hour, Perfect Gentlemen, New Edition, Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant, New Kids On The Block, and Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch. In 1994 he moved to California to work on his own music, and co-write lyrics for a rap group called One Love who landed their songs in a couple of movies soundtracks. During the year 1999 while living in Los Angeles he began working as an actor in motion pictures and received insight from some of the worlds best screenplay writers, editors, actors, directors, and producers. His first motion picture job as an actor was as a Gorilla Soldier in the remake of "Planet Of the Apes" directed by Tim Burton. Big Ace also worked on Boogie Nights, Travelers, The Truth About Charlie, Runaways, Italian Job, I heart the Huckabee's, and Invincible. Surrounded by the entertainment industry he was inspired to write, direct and produce his own short films. Since then he's been creating original screenplays, short stories, novels, childrens books, music production, and has made numerous Spoken Word appearances. He created his Independent label "Big Ace Records" in 2006.


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Da Fighter Big Ace

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Lemonade stand friend raiser
Big Ace will perform around 1pm and pm
Boston Common Bandstand
June 26, 2010