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Best Not Broken

I wont Stop Loving You

Genre: Pop
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Added: 10/15/2015
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Name / Band Name: Best Not Broken
Genres: Pop, Rock
Location: Boston, MA United States

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Member Since: 10/09/15
Profile Views: 1582
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10

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The title of Best Not Broken’s infectious new five track EP Falling In has as much to do with the
overriding theme of its songs – many about the twists and turns of romantic relationships -- as it is a
declaration about just how far the New England-based band has evolved from its humble roots in 2007.
Founder and frontman Eric Jackson started the group as a cover band with a completely different lineup.
Within a couple years, the band was performing everywhere from local bars and colleges to various
charity events. Eventually, Best Not Broken started introducing material written by Jackson into its
performances. His catchy original songs, initially crafted in solo singer-songwriter form, took on a guitarcentric
rock sound as they were transported into the band. The group built a steady following for its
original music, performing at prominent Boston venues like Harper’s Ferry and the Hard Rock Café, as
well as venues like Tupelo Music Hall and the Stone Church in New Hampshire. Best Not Broken
eventually earned enough local star power to open for chart-topping artists Jason Derulo and Matt
Nathanson on tour stops at St. Anselm College.
Sonically, the most powerful changes occurred after the release of their 2012 debut EP Somewhere Good,
when Nik Farr (guitars, backing vocals, programming) joined the band. Besides being a top-notch singer
and guitarist, Farr’s inventive soundscapes were the perfect complement to Eric’s carefully crafted
melodies and clever yet heartfelt lyrics. Their creative partnership quickly began to take hold. “Nik
brought the synthesizer to the mix in an entirely new way, programming some very interesting electronic
ideas that help round out our sound,” says Eric. While Eric and Nik are the driving core of Best Not
Broken’s songwriting, the addition of Carlo Carluccio on drums in 2013 has brought the band to what
they call “launch mode”. Well-known on the regional club circuit for his impeccable timing and artful
grooves, Carlo adds a rock-solid beat to the rhythm section and masterful accompaniment to Eric and
Nik’s melodic concoctions.
Falling In opens with the upbeat, new-wave influenced “I Won’t Stop Loving You,” which explores how
a teen-age love, once intended to last forever, unknowingly slips away. This is followed by the anthemic
yet reflective pop-rocker “Breaking My Heart,” and then again by the hypnotic mid-tempo rocker
“Listerine,” about a guy who feels helpless in the face of a relationship that’s beyond salvaging despite
his best efforts -- much like swigging the strong-tasting mouthwash. The earnest opening songs are
balanced on the EP by the final more playful tracks. The mischievous, electronic dance-rocker “Tell Me
That You Want Me” chronicles a lover’s struggle with temptation, and the final track, “Anarchy”, finds
Eric taking a tongue-in-cheek look at the ups and downs of a crazy relationship that’s full of “sexual
insanity” -- complete with references to pop culture icons like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, NASCAR and
Miller Lite.
“We’re just beginning to tap into the exciting sonic depth that Nik has brought to the band, but you can
hear a little bit of it on Falling In, particularly on songs like ‘Tell Me You Want Me’ and ‘Breaking My
Heart’,” says Jackson. “The tunes on this EP reflect the cool transitional mode that we’re in as the
growing chemistry between me, Nik and Carlo takes root. We’re moving away from the more classic,
guitar-centric sound that has defined the band in the past, and toward a more contemporary and balanced
sound that isn’t afraid to dig deeper into electronics and synthesized textures. Because it’s the way we
write, we'll always be a melody-oriented band with thoughtful lyrics, but the production will continue to
evolve.” Although this is the band's third EP, there’s no doubt that Falling In marks a new beginning for
Best Not Broken.


Sample Songs
Look What You Did Best Not Broken
Take My Picture Best Not Broken
Tell Me That You Want Me Best Not Broken

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Falling In
Falling In


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