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Sir. O

Someone you`re thinking of

Genre: Indie
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Added: 05/08/2013
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Very nice. Keep up the good tunes and effective chord changes.

Posted on: 9th November, 2013 17:46:36

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Name / Band Name: Sir. O
Genres: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Location: London, United Kingdom

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Member Since: 09/01/12
Profile Views: 4308
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Sir. O (aka. Saar Oron) is an indie rock/pop singer & songwriter, born on June 11th, 1991 in the Galilee, Israel.
Having picked up the guitar at the age of 11, Saar was quick to pen his first song only two years later and started recording demos in his home studio.
Later on he performed on many local stages all over Israel and released a self-produced indie EP.
In late 2012 he moved to London, UK, where he currently resides.

On 25th March 2013, after performing dozens of stunning sets in London venues, Sir. O released his debut UK EP, 'Someone You're Thinking Of', produced by Yogev Samina of Lool Records.
The three-track EP launch took place at the O2 Islington, on 4th of April 2013 in London, UK. The EP tracks are played on many radio stations in more than 15 different countries.
On 7th September 2013, Sir. O launched his debut single, "Please Stop Talking", at Brixton Jamm (London, UK) as a headline support for The Subways frontman Billy Lunn.

His debut album "Forever plus a day" is set to be released early 2016.


Sample Songs
Three Words Sir. O
Stay Sir. O
Someone you're thinking of Sir. O

Album List

Someone you're thinking of
Someone you're thinking of
Please Stop Talking
Please Stop Talking


Sir. O - at the Nambucca
Nambucca, London
April 25, 2013
EP release
EP release gig
O2 academy2 islington
April 4, 2013
Sir. O at the workshop
Headline show
the workshop, 243 Old Street, EC1V 9EY, London
March 23, 2013
Sir. O at The Enterprise
Sir. O live
London, UK
March 8, 2013
Sir. O at George and Vulture
Special Acoustic gig
George and Vulture, London
March 2, 2013
Sir. O - at the Underbelly
Sir. O live at the Trinity Bar
Trinity Bar, London
February 2, 2013
Sir. O - at The Cavendish Arms
Sir. O - live
Bloomsbury Live, London
January 25, 2013
Sir. O at Nambucca
Live at Nambucca
London, UK
January 8, 2013
Sir. O - at The Islington
Sir. O - Acoustic show at the Nambucca
Nambucca, London
December 29, 2012
Sir. O - at the Fiddlers Elbow, London
Sir. O - Live
The Fiddlers Elbow
December 20, 2012
Sir. O - at the Dublin Castle, London
Sir. O - Live
Dublin Castle
December 13, 2012
Sir. O - at the Cavendish Arms
Sir. O - Free Special Unplugged Gig!
The Cavendish Arms, Stockwell, London Hartington Rd Lambeth, Greater Lo SW8 2 UNITED KINGDOM
December 2, 2012