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Anthony Flake

Gospel Cover by Pastor And Artist Anthony Flake

Genre: Christian
Views: 323
Added: 10/26/2019
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Wow what a Talent Anthony Flake is !

Posted on: 30th October, 2019 17:25:35

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Anthony Flake
Genres: Christian
Location: Memphis, TN United States

Artist Stats

Member Since: 09/24/16
Profile Views: 2572
Artist Rating:
Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 4

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Nicknamed .."The Gospel Elvis"..Pastor,Artist,Songwriter,Gospel singer,Writer,Poet,Computer Technician, landscaper,Office Professional,and He loves People... Two time X Pozeing Gospel Music Awards winner, BET voted Gospel Fans Favorite..One of the Best Gospel Artist to come along with style of Elvis and Others...truly an original and Special Artist...produced more than 200 originals songs and sung over 300 cover songs..no vocal training ever ,truly a Heavenly Gift from God..Known International for his Fine Art works, with many Art Exhibitions and Published Books of his artworks..can be found Worldwide..He just recently started he singing career only 7 months ago in 2014, after a dream that the Lord show him singing in Heaven,

My Vision is not to be a star , but to shine a light like a star into everyone hearts for Jesus, I want my singing and music to point the World to the Throne of Glory..for it to give praises in his name not mine..I know this singing is anointed by his hand..I never sang or held a note all of my life ..What is so strange about my vocals is ..He can sing as low as Elvis and High as Michael Jackson..and his wife never heard Anthony sing a note in all of their 18 years of Marriage until the Dream he had in 2014..He hope this Bio is a blessing to someone..Thanks to each one whom listen.Anthony Flake will also be featured in an upcoming Movie called "Hello Au Revoir (2017)1 January 2017 (UK) with some big name stars in it..here is the link.. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5419450/


Sample Songs
Lead Me Guide Me (Elvis Cover) Anthony Flake
Take Your Time Anthony Flake
To The Left Anthony Flake

Album List

What You Can't God Can
What You Can't God Can
I Want To Live Holy
I Want To Live Holy


Nominated for A X pozing Gospel Music Award for 2016
X Pozing Music Award Show
Chicago, ill
August 18, 2016