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Aline Garza

Aline singing Rolling in the Deep by Adele( Cover)

Genre: Pop
Views: 215
Added: 10/18/2021
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Name / Band Name: Aline Garza
Genres: Pop
Location: Austin, TX United States

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Member Since: 10/18/21
Profile Views: 478
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
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Aline Christiane Garza is 11 years old from Austin, TX. She started singing at 5 years old at local recitals then moved on to church musicals and school talent shows. At 9 years old she attended a vocal seminar where she learned song writing, stage performance and was instructed by various voicemail producers and coaches in the Hollywood and Canada area. At this vocal seminar she was selected to participate in the New Year’s Gala competition out of 60 students where she took an award for best new artist in her age group. Aline has then worked with a producer on song writing a single and collaborated with a vocalist and vocal coach to prepare for the recording of her first single.
Aline has been coached by a local vocal coach where she has embraced her singing career to a different level by performing at Festivals and continuing to sing at Church events. Aline has performed songs from Adelle, Demi Lovato, Musicals from the Greatest Showman, Disney, Rachel Platten, Miley Cyrus, Andra Day, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys and Christian Contemporary songs. Aline’s singing inspirations come from her father and oldest brother. Her past times with her brother Robby are composing, writing and singing songs. She enjoys playing piano and dancing. Aline is the youngest of 5 siblings her family has been her strongest supporters.


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2021Texas Dream Night Talent Search
Sining Competition
Greenville Texas
November 11, 2021