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Alexander McKay

Against The Tide

Genre: Rock
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Added: 08/07/2015
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Name / Band Name: Alexander McKay
Genres: Americana, Folk, Pop, Rock
Location: Guildford, United Kingdom

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Member Since: 08/07/15
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Likeability Rating: 8 out of 10
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British singer/songwriter Alexander McKay was born in Wellington a small village in Somerset, England. He started his musical life in his teens playing in local bars and clubs in Birmingham. Initially playing in hardcore bands inspired by Glassjaw and Deftones, supporting international acts when they travelled through Europe. With weeks sometimes months between tours and with nothing else to do except listen to records and write songs he discovered the more acoustic-oriented sounds of The Band, Jackson Browne and Buckingham/Nicks.

Mellowing somewhat and trading in his Gibson Les Paul for an acoustic J-200 he locked himself away to write produce and record all the songs that would later become his debut EP, “Brings Us Together”. Released in July 2014 on AWAL. The EP is essentially a road diary of time spent in Los Angeles. Balancing folk and rock accompanied by his raspy voice and rhythmic guitar finger picking. Unique, soulful and warm.

2015 has seen him extend his talents to the big screen debuting as an actor in a new independent film titled “Stones” about music, love and alcoholism. Being cast after director and screenwriters heard him perform at a party back in 2013.

The soundtrack and film will be released in the fall of 2015.


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Stones Alexander McKay

Album List

Brings Us Together
Brings Us Together


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October 31, 2015