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Airy Jeanine


Genre: Pop
Views: 3344
Added: 07/23/2017
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Wow! Airy you are so Talented and great unique style love it.

Posted on: 13th September, 2019 17:17:31

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Name / Band Name: Airy Jeanine
Genres: Dance Club, Pop
Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ United States

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Member Since: 01/19/16
Profile Views: 2834
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 2

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AIRY JEANINE is an emerging entertainer whose intrinsic talents have put her on a steady track toward stardom. The New Jersey native is a multi-faceted Pop singer, songwriter, and actress, who is skilled as a multi-instrumentalist and whose vocals exude an easygoing ambience. Her performing repertoire is precise and focused, as she is charting a journey into a brilliant future that is unfolding with great promise.

The teen performers’ inclinations began in her formative years, participating in ballet and acting, and later incorporating music and singing as a part of her early interests. She continues to progressively develop and is steadily perfecting her artistry. Intent on capitalizing on her appreciable abilities, the virtuoso showcases brilliance and steps toward center stage. The intense and enduring dedication to her craft results in a realized evident talent. Coupled with musical and songwriting skills, Airy Jeanine is ready for Pop acclaim, bringing her brand to the world, ready to enter and establish her place in the upper echelon of popular entertainers.

Aligning with her award winning and all-star team, she is on a mission to create a body of work that explores various facets of life experiences from her youthful and keenly perceptive vantage point.

While production work continued on her debut album, she released an initial single, “Mama’s Girl”. The song made several noteworthy first time achievements, including securing successful chart rankings: #1 on IMN (Independent Music Network), National Radio Hits Top 10, and gained an impactful, notable Billboard Indicator Top 30 spot. The video received the 2015 Video of the Year award from IMN, and further brought her widespread visibility from tremendous exposure on video outlets and also in-store play at retail establishments nationwide.

To further connect with and captivate more fans and audiences, she continues to evolve with new influences and inspirations. The rising star delivered a bonafide follow-up single, "Do You", that reintroduces her in a more sentimental way.

The accompanying video done by the Itchy House Films camp, effectively captures the essence of the song, complimenting the expressed emotions she portrays.

This project is expected to accelerate her momentum, spread her name and persona far and wide. It’s her time. The build-up that has been started is only a sign of greater things to come.

Her multimedia venture into the world of television is unfolding with the completion of a TV Pilot, “Airy Jeanine and Friends”. The show, in which she has the starring role, has comedic and dramatic themes. It is geared to the teen and young adult audience, and aims to attract a multi-cultural demographic. Written and directed by Mad Matthewz, it is being shopped to production companies and networks.

The versatile young entertainer is developing a repertory of creative writing, with the completion of a Children’s book that she has authored which is scheduled to be published in Spring 2016.

In a desire to make a positive impact through giving back, she is doing her part to support various causes, including the fight to find a cure for cancer. She was the top fundraiser, and performer at a 2015 New York Fashion Week event presented by fashion designer Malan Breton and Soundaffects.org, an innovative organization that helps to raise awareness and funding using music and people as a vehicle.

With full support from her close-knit family, the driving forces behind her diverse pursuits, it’s a seemingly natural inclination to share her artistic gifts meaningfully to an appreciative global public. Airy Jeanine is on the verge to breakout from an auspicious beginning. She is ready to soar!


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