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1. Why was TalentWatch created?

To provide an opportunity for talented music artists to get discovered. Many well-known artists became successful because of their contacts and ability to market themselves. There are more talented artists we don't know about. All they need is the right kind of exposure. This site provides a level playing field with each artist having an equal chance to rise to the top.

2. Does it cost anything to register as an artist or fan?

No. Membership is free.

3. I never received a confirmation email after registering. What do I do?

Check your spam/bulk folder with your email provider. It's probably in there. Consider adding info@talentwatch.com to your contacts/address book, so future emails don't get filtered into your spam. 

4. Where can I find videos which were uploaded within the past 7 days? 

Go to our 'Top Music Videos' page.  At the top you'll find search options for videos uploaded within the 'Last 7 days,' 'Last 30 days' and 'All Time.'  'All Time' does not include videos uploaded within the past 7 days.


Music Competitions

1. How do I enroll in a music competition?

You must first register as a music artist on TalentWatch.  After you activate your registration, you will need to upload a Personal Video (where you 'tell your story') and a Music (Performance) Video.  Once we approve both types of videos, you will appear on our site.  You will then be able to enroll in any of our music competitions.   

2. Is there a fee to enroll in a music competition? 

It depends on the competition.  In most cases there will be an enrollment fee to help cover the cost of managing a competition.

3. How is the winner selected? 

Fans rate Music Videos in each competition.  Fans can only rate a video one time.  In most cases, the winner(s) are selected from the top rated artists.  For example, the competition rules may indicate that the winner will be chosen from the top 10, 25 or 50 top rated music artists.

4. Are they all online music competitions? 

Yes.  They are all online music competitions.  However, some of the competitions may continue offline at a select venue.

5. How will I know how I'm doing during the competition? 

Simply go to the competition page.  You will see the standings 24/7.  We update the ratings twice a day. at noon and midnight, eastern standard time.

6. I'm enrolled in 2 competitions.  Why is one of my Music Videos rated higher in one of the ompetitions? 

When you enroll in a competition your Music Video is rated for that particular competition, so it's not unusual to get different ratings for the same video.

7. Do the competition ratings affect my overall rating for TalentWatch? 

No.  Music competition ratings only pertain to the music competitions.  They are not factored into your overall rating on TalentWatch.  When fans rate your Music Videos on your complete profile page, those ratings count toward your overall rating on TalentWatch.

8. How many times can a fan rate each of my Music Videos? 

A fan can only rate your Music Video one time on your artist profile page and one time in each of the competitions you enroll in.  For example, if you enter 2 competitions, a fan can rate each of your Music Videos 3 times. 

9. I noticed that Personal Videos are not rated in music competitions.  Can they be rated? 

Yes.  Simply go to the artist's profile page to rate their Personal Video.  We eliminated the ability for fans to rate an artist's Personal Video in the competition pages, since the Personal Video ratimg is not counted in the music competitions.

10. How do you insure the integrity of the ratings? 

We monitor the ratings to help prevent abusive or manipulative ratings.  If we see TalentWatch members who attempt to manipulate the ratings, we will delete all their raings and put their account on probation.  In the event they contune this pattern, we will delete their account.

11. Can I get on TalentWatch's TV Show if I win a music competition? 

Yes,  We will be watching the music competitions just like everyone else.  We may even select other contestants who did not win the competition.  You will need to have a good quality Music Video with original music.


TalentWatch's TV Show

1. How can I get on the show?

You must first register as a music artist on TalentWatch.  After you activate your registration, you will need to upload a Personal Video (where you 'tell your story') and a Music (Performance) Video.  Once we approve both types of videos, you will appear on our site.  You will hit our radar if your music video receives high ratings from the fans on TalentWatch.   

2. Are cover songs acceptable for TalentWatch's TV Show?

Although cover songs are acceptable for our website, they are not acceptable for our TV Show.  It must be orignal music.  We will also evaluate the quality of the video, since it will be on TV.   

3. How will I know if my Music Video is selected for the show? 

We will send you an email to let you know.

4. Will my Personal Video be shown on the show as well?

If you did a great job 'telling your story' and it has the elements we're looking for, we may show portions of your Personal Video.

5. Where can the show be seen?

TalentWatch is now airing on Amazon Prime (USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan), FilmOn TV, (Global), and Roku (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Mexico).

All of our episodes can also be seen on our site.

6. What day and time can it be seen on Amazon Prime, FilmOn TV, and Roku?

24/7- Any day and time of the week, since it's video on demand.  TalentWatch can also be viewed on FilmOn TV's live linear channel 24 hours every day.


Music Artists

1. Why do artists have to upload a music video in order to appear on TalentWatch?

Would you rather listen to your favorite artist on the radio or watch them perform on your screen? Providing an entertaining video-driven experience to fans is vital. The more engaging and entertaining it is for fans, the greater the likelihood of attracting a huge fanbase. Remember, it's all about increasing your exposure!

2. Why do artists have to upload a personal video in order to appear on TalentWatch?

This human element helps provide an emotional connection to the artist. Your fans want to know you. We guarantee you this video will make a difference! We provide tips and ideas on creating a personal video in the 'My Videos' section.

3. Do I have to upload BOTH a music and personal video to appear on TalentWatch?

Yes. There's no shortcut to success. Each video provides an important element to help you attract more fans. In addition, we want each fan to have an engaging and entertaining experience every time they check out an artist. Keep in mind both the personal video and music video(s) will be rated by member fans. That means both videos can increase your exposure.

4. Do the videos have to be real professional?

No. You can even have a friend shoot a video of you or simply film yourself with your web cam. If you don't have access to camera equipment, rent it.

5. What if I decide later that I don't like my personal video or music video?

You can always replace the music or personal video with a new version. In fact, if the fan ratings aren't satisfactory we suggest you replace it with a better video.

6. Can music artists who currently sell their music join TalentWatch?

Yes. If you sell your music through iTunes or Amazon, we'll add the appropriate link(s) so fans can purchase your music.

7. Can music artists who don't sell their music join TalentWatch?

Yes. As long as your music is your original owned property or you have the necessary licenses, consents or permissions from the copyright holder of the songs you are playing or covering, you can register as an artist and upload your music on TalentWatch. In fact our fans may provide the feedback you need to take your career to the next level. If you end up selling music you can always add this to your 'My Details' screen. See previous question.

8. I am already on a record label. Can I still join TalentWatch?

Yes. Remember, it's all about increasing your exposure!

9. Besides uploading videos what else should I do?

Go to your member area and do the following:
Add sample songs, album artwork, concert schedule, and written bio. In addition, go to the 'My Marketing' section and make the most of your opportunity.

10. How can I maximize my exposure on TalentWatch?

There are 4 ways to increase your exposure on TalentWatch. First, create high rated music videos. Second, do your best to create a high rated personal video. Third, enroll in music competitions.  Industry professionals and fans spend most of their time checking out the artists in our music competitions!  Fourth, encourage your fans and artist friends to join TalentWatch. We reward artists who refer members to TalentWatch. Top referring artists automatically qualify as 'Featured Artists.' When fans and artists register, they tell us who referred them. (Make sure you give them your TalentWatch username.) You receive 10 points for each artist you refer and 1 point for each fan you refer.

11. What are the age requirements to become a member artist?

An Artist under the age of 18 must get parental consent before he or she joins TalentWatch as an Artist.

12. Do I still own all rights to my music?

Yes. We only retain the right to market and use your video and/or audio track; we do not own your song, lyrics, film, etc. Each artist maintains all intellectual property rights to their work.

13. Is there a way to get gigs from this site?

Yes. Talent buyers representing all types of venues can search for artists based on their location, such as state, or country.

14. What happens when a member fan picks me as one of their favorite artists?

You receive an automated email each time a fan selects you as one of their favorites. Even more important, all friends of this fan receive an automated email to encourage them to check you out!


1. Why should I join TalentWatch?

It's fun and entertaining! As a member you have the following benefits:
Provide feedback to aspiring artists. Play a part in artists rise to fame. Connect with other fans. Receive automatic updates on your favorite artists. Receive recognition as one of our most Influential Fans.

2. What does 'Influential Fan' mean?

Top referring fans receive recognition on our 'Influential Fan' page. They have made the greatest impact and deserve the recognition. When fans and artists register, they tell us who referred them. (Make sure you provide them your TalentWatch username.) You receive 1 point for each fan you refer and 10 points for each artist you refer.

3. How do I know if a music artist responds to one of my comments?

As a fan member you receive an automated email whenever an artist responds to your comments.

Industry Professionals

1. Can I set up profile pages for music artists I work with?

When you register as an industry professional, you can enroll and manage an unlimited amount of artists.

2. Can I solicit artists on the site?

If you'd like to offer an opportunity to an artist, you can leave a comment on the artists profile page. If there's a clear pattern of spamming artists on our site we will terminate your membership.

3. What steps do I need to take to set up a music competition?

If you have an idea for a music competition, email us at info@talentwatch.com. Let us know all the details including rules, description, and rewards. We’ll collaborate with you to help you succeed.

4. How do I register artists for music competitions?

In order for artists to enroll in a music competition, they must be published on our site. In other words, every artist must have an approved music video and approved personal video. Simply login and click on the 'Artist Music Competitions' screen of the artist you'd like to enroll in a music competition.

5. How do I get artists on TalentWatch's TV Show?

In order for music artists to be considered for our show, they must be published on our site. In other words, every artist must have an approved music video and approved personal video. The fans on TalentWatch will help us decide which music videos will be selected for our show.  The higher the rating, the greater the chance of the video being selected for one of our shows.  Keep in mind it must be original music (and not a cover song).