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2020 Washington Dream Night Talent Search

Competition Details

Last Day to Enroll: 3/15/2020
There are three age categories*
* 9 to 17 years old
* 18 to 29 years old
* 30 years old and over

The winner from each age category will receive a $500 cash prize, with the overall winner receiving an additional $500 as well as a front of the line pass for America's Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol and/or NBC's Little Big Shots! Overall winner also receives a video of his or her live performance and extensive online and offline media coverage. There will be many other prizes donated by participating sponsors.

Competition is open to singers and bands. All genres are welcome. There are 2 phases to the competition. See Rules.

* Depending on the number of contestants and their ages, the categories are subject to change.

You must register at TalentWatch to enter the competition. You may enter 1 or 2 music video(s) to be judged and rated by fans. Acceptable music videos include simple raw footage of artist performing or more elaborate music videos. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND at least one of the videos showcasing a live performance. In addition, every music artist must upload a personal video, to give fans and industry professionals a better perspective of the artist behind the music. Music fans select the top 60 rated artists. There is no cost to register on TalentWatch. There is a $5 enrollment fee, which will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

* LIVE COMPETITION PHASE (April 3-4, 2 mandatory days)

April 3, 2020- The top rated artists (from the online phase) will audition at the Historic Everett Theatre in Everett, WA from 5-10pm, singing one or two songs. Industry professionals will also be mentoring each artist.

April 4, 2020- Additional auditions and mentoring from 12-5pm. Industry professionals announce the top 10 music artists for each of the three age categories. The 30 chosen artists will perform in front of judges and a live audience at the Historic Everett Theatre from 7-10pm. Each artist must be prepared to sing 2-3 additional songs.


Competition Rating: 97
Likeability Rating: 8
Competition Rating: 95
Likeability Rating: 10
Competition Rating: 89
Likeability Rating: 10
Competition Rating: 89
Likeability Rating: 9
Competition Rating: 85
Likeability Rating: 10
Competition Rating: 81
Likeability Rating: 10
Competition Rating: 76
Likeability Rating: 9
Competition Rating: 0
Likeability Rating: 10