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2020 SpringBoard West Music Competition

Competition Details

Last Day to Enroll: 11/29/2019
Congratulations to Sativa for winning the 2020 SpringBoard West Competition! Imagine opening for a mainstream act, being signed by a major label, getting your music placed in film, or landing a sponsorship deal which could take you from obscurity to the mainstream. Sativa will have an opportunity to take her career to the next level at Springboard West. This 3-day event will be held January 9-11, 2020, in Ocean Beach, California, one of San Diego’s coolest communities. The first two days Sativa will attend panels, presentations and live pitch sessions with and from some of the industry’s top executives some of whom have been involved in launching and guiding superstars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, & Guns N Roses, just to name a few. She will also perform one song and give an interview on one of the BootCamp evenings. On the final day, the Sativa will perform a 30-minute set of original music for fans and music industry professionals.
You must register at TalentWatch to enter the competition. You may enter 1 or 2 music video(s) to be judged and rated by fans. Acceptable music videos include simple raw footage of artist performing or more elaborate music videos. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND at least one of the videos showcasing a live performance. In addition, every music artist must upload a personal video, to give fans and industry professionals a better perspective of the artist behind the music. Music fans will rate the artists, however the winner will be chosen by a select committee from SpringBoard West. There is no cost to register on TalentWatch. There was a $25 enrollment fee for this competition.


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Competition Rating: 74
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