Okay. So you want to be discovered… have everyone listen to your music… and attract a huge fan base. Right…? Well, here’s the deal. Besides showcasing your talent, you’ve got to tell your story. Why? To help create an emotional connection with your fans. Your fans want to know you.

How important is the personal video? It’s more critical than you may think. In order to appear on TalentWatch each artist must upload a personal video AND a music video. Why do we require both videos? The reality is there’s no shortcut to success. Like your music video, your personal video provides an important element to help you attract more fans. In addition, we want every fan to have an engaging and entertaining experience whenever they check out an artist at TalentWatch. By the way, fans are viewing the personal videos even more than the music videos!

Keep in mind both the personal video and music video(s) will be rated by member fans. That means both videos can increase your exposure. When creating your personal video, consider the following elements:

1) Be genuine
2) Keep it personal
3) Share your struggles/dreams
4) Don’t try to sell your audience

Before you shoot your video, organize your thoughts by creating an outline (so you don’t ramble). What do you think your future fans would want to know about you? Let them take a peek into your life. What else do you do besides your music? Do you have children? When you talk about your music, try to express it in the context of why you became an artist or what the music means to you.

When you record your video, imagine that you are talking to close friends. Yes, you can joke around and have fun with this. On the other hand, it is okay to share your struggles. People admire music artists who are able to share difficult times. Feel free to be creative and by all means show some personality. The more personal and genuine you are, the better. Try not to use the personal video as a way to sell your music or promote your website. This is not the right approach. Keep in mind we provide itunes and amazon links on your page for fans to buy your music.

One last thought…..Have fun with this! Try to keep it at about 90 seconds. Your audience tends to have a short attention span