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The Top 3 Reasons to Enter Music Competitions

Posted on May 23, 2014 by admin

TWFBMusicContestPicMusic competitions don’t always enter the minds of artists. Perhaps they are too busy trying to perfect their craft, or maybe they just think competitions aren’t worth the effort. Not true – music competitions are extremely helpful in growing as a performer and can help careers take flight.

1. Challenging Yourself

A competition isn’t just a place to show off your talents- it’s a place to help you grow as an artist. In talent competitions, both online and off, musicians can showcase the songs that make them special.

What you get from entering a music contest is motivation; motivation to improve your skills, give your best performance, with the opportunity to come out swinging and impress anyone within earshot.  Even if you don’t win, you may get feedback which could prove to be invaluable. That’s not something you will get if your audience consists of family and friends only.

2. Increasing Exposure

Jennifer Hudson, who didn’t even make the top 5 on her season of American Idol, is now an Oscar and Grammy winner. The American public never forgot her performance, and it paid off big time when she embarked on her post-Idol career. But even if you aren’t on a widely televised competition, you still gain exposure. Videos of competition performances, such as the videos contestants post on TalentWatch, are passed around social media with regularity. It only takes the right person to see it for a big break: like an Ellen, Queen Latifah, or a Good Morning America host – who often cull TV segments from the internet.

Industry professionals often use competitions to extend their reach and sniff out new talent. With every competition you enter, the pros take notice. Audience members turn into fans, and word of mouth increases. A talent competition is a great place to start building your fan base, and to network with people who can give you a big boost when the time is right.

3. Getting Discovered

Iceland’s Of Monsters And Men were a brand new band when they entered, and won, the annual Músíktilraunir competition in their home country; now they’ve played on SNL and you can’t turn on the radio without hearing them. Do we even need to mention One Direction? The boy band started as individual contestants on the UK version of “X Factor” and are now five of the most famous young people in the world – all because they received vital advice from Simon Cowell, who put them together as a group.

Many now-famous stars were once competition contestants: Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Adam Sandler, Rosie O’Donnell, and Destiny’s Child all were on the original “Star Search.” And although none of them were the big winners that day, they learned from the experience and went on to stardom anyway. Getting discovered can only occur when all the right pieces are in place – when your skills are honed from experience, and when your performance is exposed to the right people. All of this can happen if you step out of your comfort zone and enter a music contest.

Utopia Artists Launches ‘Dream Night’ Competitions on TalentWatch

Posted on May 16, 2014 by admin

Curtain background‘Dream Night,’ an opportunity for young musicians to showcase their unique skills for the chance to win prizes, a huge amount of exposure, and a potential slot on America’s Got Talent, started as the dream of one woman. Utopia Artists President, Wendy Kay, is an industry insider who books influential artists decades past but also has an ear for rising stars. Every season, Wendy receives a call from America’s Got Talent producers looking for contestants. Wendy had a vision, she’d find new young talent, hiding in plain sight throughout the world and help them get a crack at the big time. But how to facilitate those first few steps? Luckily for Wendy, TalentWatch was the perfect breeding ground for her ‘Dream Night’ competitions.

Wendy sets up ‘Dream Night’ competitions all around North America, where artists age 12-29 receive a day of mentoring and performing leading up to the choosing of one winner. Just last year, ‘Dream Night’ gave rise to multi-talented Zachary Lane during a contest in New Brunswick, Canada. The teen’s voice and performance stunned the internet and live audience – and prompted Wendy to personally coach the soon to be star.

‘Dream Night’ competitions are a huge benefit to artists such as Zachary. Winning can mean a private audition for America’s Got Talent and a chance to take it all the way and win on the show. ‘Dream Night’ also provides access to industry pros, publicity, and a career changing experience for young artists. But ‘Dream Night’ is also beneficial to the music industry personnel who use the contest to extend their reach and cull talent from the unknown throughout North America. Many of these performers would go unnoticed without ‘Dream Night.’

‘Dream Night’ begins online. Potential contestants upload videos of their performance on TalentWatch, along with a short bio video so voters can get a feel for the artist as a person. Registered users will pick the top 40 artists who will move on to the ‘Dream Night’ competition. One day before the live competition industry professionals work one-on-one with each of the 40 contestants and prepare them for a live performance.  On the night of the live performance, the top 20 finalists are announced and perform live with the winner selected by the 3 judges.  Early on, Wendy recognized the TalentWatch platform as a way to choose performers and kick-start the competition.

For this season’s ‘Dream Night’ contest in Enid, Oklahoma, Wendy has a special guest judge: 2011’s America’s Got Talent winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Landau and Wendy, along with other industry pros, will coach the 20 live contestants before they hit the stage, providing important advice and a priceless look into the music industry. One winner will be chosen.

Winners receive $1,000, a professionally filmed and edited video of the performance, and most importantly, a private audition for America’s Got Talent. Wendy’s connection to the show makes this exclusive prize possible. The champion also shares a stage with a headlining act at a premier venue the following evening. The Oklahoma ‘Dream Night’ winner (along with the other finalists) will be the supporting act for 2011 “America’s Got Talent” winner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. at a concert the next evening.  

Look for two more ‘Dream Night’ competitions – one in Florida, the other in New York – launching next month.