What does winning the 2019 Georgia Dream Night Talent Search mean to you?

Dream Night means a lot to me. The experience of meeting amazing artists, and learning from the best. But, winning was the most amazing part of it all. Honestly going in thinking I was going to fail because I didn’t have my band, and then winning? Just wow. I can’t thank the judges enough.

What inspired you to become a musician?

My musical inspiration was most likely my biological father. He was a musician for most of his life, playing trumpet in the church band, and singing in the choir. It was almost like I had a piece of him after my parents divorced. But, my Choir teachers and Theatre teachers commended me for my talent every year, and that’s when I knew that it was something I wanted to do.

What surprises have you encountered in pursuing your music career?

I encountered a lot of surprises in my music career, but I think the biggest one was becoming a lead singer for a band that I was lucky enough to create. And, being lucky enough to still be playing with my guys for 5 years, and being a strong band by ourselves for 3 years.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge up until now was dealing with my Uncle passing away. He was murdered almost 7 years ago, and just seeing my family fall apart was the hardest thing to witness as a kid. But, in the end my family was stronger.

What’s your process for writing lyrics and where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

My original music normally comes pretty fast just because I write with my best friend, who plays guitar. But I get my inspiration from things that happen in my life. For example, the first song I wrote was about my Uncle.

Tell us about your most memorable performances.

My most memorable performance was when I was apart of the School Of Rock in Rockwall, Texas. We were performing on the Gotham Stage in Six Flags. I wasn’t on stage singing and the next song up was my favorite, Creep by Radiohead. I remember looking out at my mom and she was crying. I had kids I didn’t even know reaching their hands out at me. It was just an amazing experience.

Have you shared the stage with anyone we would know?

In 2017 I sang a song with Austin Allsups. On my birthday in 2017 I sang with my former vocal coach Cole Ragsdale. Also at the last Dream Night in Greenville, Texas, I got up and harmonized with Matthew Fiock.

You can check out Kenna at https://www.talentwatch.com/artist/profile/kenna-denease.