2018 Missouri Dream Night Talent SearchWhat does winning the 2018 Missouri Dream Night Talent Search mean to you?

It means a lot honestly. I never thought that I could be capable of doing something so amazing!

What inspired you to become a musician?

When I was little I was in my churches children’s choir. I loved the feeling of performing, whether it be with others or by myself. I chased the feeling and started doing karaoke at a local restaurant in my hometown and it just got bigger from there!

What surprises have you encountered in pursuing your music career?

When I was 12 I was in my first ever singing contest. I was so excited and met so many amazing people, but I figured out that not every singer is as nice as they appear. It’s sad but true.

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

My biggest challenge when it comes to singing has been overcoming my stage fright. I have never been a shy kid by any means, but I’ve always been scared to sing in front of huge crowds. TalentWatch has helped me a lot in my stage presentation and has taught me that anyone can sing music, but an artist performs it!

What’s your process for writing lyrics and where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

I actually don’t write any songs at the moment but I would love to learn or collaborate with any other singer/songwriter interested!

Tell us about your most memorable performances.

I have to say that performances to me are always important whether it be karaoke or opening for a band. But the most memorable one has been the Missouri Dream Night Talent Search. Everyone was so talented and it was an honor to perform on such a wonderful stage. The crowd wasn’t huge, but that isn’t what makes a memorable performance!

Have you shared the stage with anyone we would know?

I have opened for Clint Black a while back.

Anything else you want to share?

I just want to make sure that everyone knows to follow their dreams. I’ve done 3 dream nights and because I never gave up, I won and met some amazing people while doing it!

You can check out Davin-lee at https://www.talentwatch.com/artist/profile/davis73703.