What does winning 2016 Ohio Dream Night Talent Search Competition mean to you?  Music Competition Winner

It makes me very happy and thankful to be selected out of all of the amazingly talented artists in the event.

What Inspired You to Become a Musician?

My mother inspired me.

What surprises have you encountered in pursuing your music career?

One instance comes to mind when I performed “Le Jazz Hot!” in a pageant where the microphone stand wasn’t tightened and it started sliding down, but I had to keep going!

What has been your biggest challenge to date?

Having to perform with a lingering cold and sore throat.

What’s your process for writing lyrics and where do you get the inspiration for your songs?

So far I’ve mainly performed cover songs, but I do like to experiment with lyrics that come into my head and while playing with my keyboard.

Tell us about your most memorable performances.

Performing the National Anthem on a Friday night at a Major League Baseball Game in front of 30,000 fans.

Have you shared the stage with anyone we would know?

I performed a duet with The Jaggerz, who had a gold record, on the 4th of July.

You can check out Ashley at http://www.talentwatch.com/artist/profile/ashley-marina-yankello