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Zackary Lane

Zackary Lane

Personal Video
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Added: 06/25/2014
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Great job Zack you were great and we love that song and your video. You are such a great singer . You have amazing talents and skills it is so nice to know someone like you that is a great singer can not wait to see more of your videos on youtube. You ar

Posted on: 6th August, 2014 20:36:48

Awesome job Zack as always!

Posted on: 26th June, 2014 16:45:06

Awesome! Awesome! I loved this song way back in the day! You basically brought it back to life! Way to go!

Posted on: 26th June, 2014 15:44:45

Love this song, love your version! Amazing talent!

Posted on: 25th June, 2014 20:45:41

Awesome job Zack, love your cover of "Every Breath You Take"!

Posted on: 25th June, 2014 20:34:40

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Name / Band Name: Zackary Lane
Genres: Pop
Location: Moncton, NB Canada

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Member Since: 08/02/13
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Likeability Rating: 8 out of 10
Fans: 12

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