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Zack Barter

Zack Barter

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Added: 08/19/2015
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Your a really good singer.

Posted on: 14th April, 2016 15:06:10

Good luck Zack!! You'll do great!

Posted on: 23rd August, 2015 18:43:41

Good luck!!

Posted on: 21st August, 2015 20:25:05

best of luck zac

Posted on: 21st August, 2015 00:35:33

Good Luck Zachary!!

Posted on: 21st August, 2015 00:19:21

I like you the best for your singing!

Posted on: 20th August, 2015 23:09:43

Good luck Zac, you are awesome!!

Posted on: 20th August, 2015 23:04:50


Posted on: 20th August, 2015 22:50:14


Posted on: 20th August, 2015 20:10:40

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Name / Band Name: Zack Barter
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Classical, Rock
Location: Upper Coverdale, NB Canada

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Member Since: 08/19/15
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 19

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I am Zachary and I am 15 years old and live in Upper Coverdale NB. I can't imagine my life without music! I am a singer song writer and love to perform in front of any size audience. I am excited at the possibility of being part of the NBEX Dream Night and look forward to competing against the other talented artists in our region!

I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as \I enjoy making it!

Good Luck everyone!


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