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Vinyl Sunday

Vinyl Sunday

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Added: 08/19/2015
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Name / Band Name: Vinyl Sunday
Genres: Alternative, Americana, Indie, Pop, Rock
Location: Nashville, TN United States

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Member Since: 08/19/15
Profile Views: 1682
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Band leader Andy Howell is enthusiastic with a magnetic personality and is a killer pianist. He’s been playing music since a young age and began Vinyl Sunday in college. The jazz-rock jam band signed with Lamon Records in 2014 and their first release “Procession,” is due out in May of 2015.

The six track project was recorded at Quad Studios Nashville in 2014, with vocals and other instruments being added at Kingswood Studios, Nashville. Final overdubs and mixing were done at dLab Studios, Nashville in 2015.

Vinyl Sunday has developed a sound that is both authentic and unique to the group by blending many of the styles that help define southern music. They are influenced by the sounds of New Orleans, Detroit and the Mississippi delta. They combine blues, jazz, gospel, and contemporary elements to create a sound that reflects the diversity of their members. Dawn Freeman, for example, is from Toledo, OH and moved to Nashville where she has spent the last several years performing at area churches and working as a session singer. Jennifer Myers, providing flute, guitar, and backing vocals, comes from New York and provides a different perspective on composition.

Many incarnations of the band have given Vinyl Sunday the shape it takes today. Dawn is the featured vocalist on their first project with Lamon, with Andy and Jennifer providing backgrounds. Band members also include Kent McCarthy on percussion, Jessica Eddleman on vocals, Sam Woods on guitar, and Russ Kettle on bass. The songs written by Andy and other musical collaborators, are filled with wit, wisdom, and slice of life imagery.

The band’s first music video for their song “Procession” is a performance video. Set in a smoky bar with costumes and sets that harken back to the jazz age, it’s the perfect introduction to the eclectic band.

The band has varying ideas on the ideal venues as well – everywhere from big venues with big lights, pack houses, and rowdy crowds, to intimate corners of coffee houses and downtown bars. The goal of the performance, however, is the same. They want to reach their audience with inspiration and a great time. Andy’s hopes are that they can even inspire someone to follow their music dreams and start a band.

“With their first release and others to come, I see Vinyl Sunday as a music collective of sorts, drawing from various members’ and guest talents along the way as they continue to explore styles and influences on their musical journey,” says Dave Moody, President and CEO of Lamon Records. “It should be fun for everyone as we tag along!”

“Vinyl Sunday” will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere music is sold. Their first single, “Procession,” can be heard on radio stations nationwide. For more information on Vinyl Sunday and other Lamon Records artists, visit www.lamonrecords.com.


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MELD EP Release Show at The Basement
MELD EP Release Show with Vinyl Sunday and Woah Dakota
1604 8th Ave S #330, Nashville, TN 37203
January 30, 2017
Vinyl Sunday at The Country
Vinyl Sunday with Kristen Englanz and Liz Brasher
110 28th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203
January 14, 2017