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Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)

Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)

Personal Video
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Added: 03/19/2017
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Tiffany is the true image of country music. Her talent exceeds many. When you get to see her live, you can feel her passion for music in every performance.

Posted on: 11th April, 2017 03:23:47

Amazing Introduction video Tiffany! I love U so much because you are so real Just YOU and that's what makes Texas Crossing awesome to me

Posted on: 11th April, 2017 01:23:53

Tiffany is such an incredible Artist with a Gift,She puts all she has into her music from the Bottom of her soul!! I absolutely adore and enjoy their music so much and wanna see them Go All The way!! Texas is Blessed with Texas Crossing!❤❤❤

Posted on: 11th April, 2017 01:16:24

Amazing, talented, hippie soul, and down to earth. She can light up a room. And she signs with so much emotions you can feel it to.....

Posted on: 28th March, 2017 15:33:07

You have my vote

Posted on: 28th March, 2017 14:40:05

Sounds like my kind of country music.....FINALLY!!!!

Posted on: 20th March, 2017 00:20:35

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Name / Band Name: Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)
Genres: Country
Location: Rockport, TX United States

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Member Since: 03/19/17
Profile Views: 618
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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
Fans: 9

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I guess I should start out by introducing myself! I am a 34 year old native Texan! I Absolutely LOVE being a musician! I love the opportunity to get to meet new people and to travel new places! Although I have lived in Texas my whole life, I haven't had much of a chance to travel around it or any other states for that matter!

I haven't always been the woman I am now! When I was younger, I got myself into some trouble that landed me in a Dallas prison. I walked out of there with the clothes on my back and a backpack of what-nots I had gathered over my stay, and started a new life in the Hill Country and started trying to prove myself as a productive member of society with having two jobs and staying out of trouble. During that time, I met Colt Buckelew (now my husband).

In 2011, I was graduating my Associates Degree in Psychology, and when asked my grandparents what I wanted for my present I thought long and hard about it! Colt and I had been dating 5 years by then, and since he had been involved with music for 30+ years, and I thought it would be a nice "Hobby" for us to do together! Also taking into consideration, my grandfather loved building guitars and was dying of mesothelioma, so I thought it would be the perfect gift from them to get a guitar! I soon found out I could sing as well, and within two years we were playing honkytonk, bars, festivals, and rodeo stages all over Texas!

In 2013, our love, dedication, and talents were awarded by the Gatesville Country Music Hall of Fame! We've enjoyed opening for acts like Earl Thomas Conley, Kevin Fowler, Jason Boland and The Stragglers (Twice), Bri Bagwell, and many more!

At the end of 2015, we had finally saved up enough money to get our first full length album (Country's Redemption) really started! But as fate would have it, I was diagnosed with Stage 0 DCIS Breast Cancer. After surgeries and a few months of radiation, I was pronounced CANCER FREE!! In fact, March 1st I celebrated my 1 year Cancer Free Mark! But it took away our savings and we were back to square one with the album. In 2016, We were finally blessed enough to find a studio (Trinity Recording Studio in Corpus) to work with us on the project and go from there! In May 2017 we are crossing our fingers that everything goes well and we are able to release it!!

In the end my ultimate goal is to become that female role model that the younger generations need more now than ever! There needs to be someone to show them that their talents come from themselves and not the least amount of clothes they wear. There needs to be someone to show them that no matter your past, you can do anything you put your mind to! Nothing should stop them from achieving their goals! I want to be THAT role model!

I am a full time booking agent, promoter, and music is my life. I live, eat and breathe it... But I do love animals and if I could have an entire zoo of different types I would, but Colt's convinced me it would be hard to carry them all if we ever do a tour or start traveling! So, I am happy to have my two rat terriers; our children, our babies!

In the end, I am just a country songstress with a siren voice, a gypsy soul, and a hippie heart!


Sample Songs
Cry (Original by Texas Crossing) Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)
It's all Over (Original) Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)
Losing my Heart (Original by Texas Crossing) Texas Crossing (Tiffany Valentine)

Album List

No album available


Zuehl Saloon
Come join us for our debut at Zuehl Saloon! The beer is COLD and the music
Cibolo, TX
May 20, 2017
361 Bar
Come on out to 361 Bar on the island for a guaranteed good time!! As always 100% LIVE MUSIC!!
Port Aransas
May 6, 2017
Flats Lounge
Join us for an always good time at the Flats Lounge! The coldest beer on the island and the best LIVE music around!! Good old honkytonk dancing music that'll have you dancing and singing along!
Port Aransas, TX
May 5, 2017
Come on out to one of our favorite Beer bars for a good old fashion honkytonk time!! Join us for a cold Lone Star Beer and some smooth Colorado High Hemp Vodka! As always we promise 100% LIVE music!! With special guest; Cowboy Benny Lee!
April 22, 2017
Flats Lounge
Join us for an always good time at the Flats Lounge! The coldest beer on the island and the best LIVE music around!! Good old honkytonk dancing music that'll have you dancing and singing along!
Port Aransas, TX
April 15, 2017
34th Annual Bluebonnet Festival
A Festival With Something for Everyone Always taking place the second weekend in April, the Bluebonnet Festival draws 30,000 people annually to Burnet, Texas. Each year, activities are added to keep the festival exciting for first time visitors as well a
Burnet, Texas
April 8, 2017
Alamo Ice House
We're really looking forward to coming back to San Antonio!!! Come on out March 25th and join the fun! The Coldest Lone Star Beer around and the Best BBQ in San Antonio!! As always it'll be 100% Live Music!!
San Antonio, TX
March 25, 2017
Bad S Ice House
We absolutely LOVE performing at the Bad "S" Ice House!! It is one of our favorite venues, and an always good time to be had by ALL!! Come drink Lone Star Beer as Cold as your ex's hearts, and smooth Colorado High Hemp Vodka as well with us!
Oyster Creek, Texas
March 23, 2017