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Tanner Massey

Tanner Massey

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Added: 03/08/2019
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Posted on: 9th March, 2019 20:39:37

The first time I heard you sing I could tell that if you keep working hard you'll make it big one day. You have an awesome singing voice! Glad to be a fan!

Posted on: 18th August, 2015 17:46:39

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Name / Band Name: Tanner Massey
Genres: Christian, Country, Pop
Location: Choctaw, OK United States

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Less than a year ago, back in August 2014, Tanner was sitting simply playing a video game. While playing this video game, he started to sing some of the top 40 hits on the Billboard’s record charts. His family noticed that he had a good voice and inquired with him on his desire to possibly be a singer one day. Tanner flat out refused. Over the period of two months, Tanner started singing more and more until finally he agreed to visit a voice teacher. While the voice teacher help strengthen his voice, they did not move into the direction that we felt they can benefit from. So within a month of utilizing the voice teacher, we parted ways and set out on a trek of our own to nurture his singing ability.

That was September of 2014. Since that time, he was first male soloist for honor choir that year, and has accomplished the following accomplishments in the Summer of 2015.

Sang for the Heartland Opry Concert series at the Country & Western Hall of Fame
Performed for the Rising Star's Series at the Rodeo Opry and was invited to play at the Rodeo Opry Concert Series later this year.
Sang for the Country Music Singer's Association (CMSA) at the Open Mic event
Been a part of the Top 5 Talent under 16 at the McSwain Theatre in Oklahoma
Performed multiple videos for YouTube.com and YouNow
Conducts a weekly performance and Q/A on YouNow
Conducts a weekly performance and Q/A on Periscope

As Tanner voice gets progressively better, we will be looking toward for original content and opportunities. We are excited for him to fulfill his dream.

While those months seemed like years ago, Tanner has gotten progressively better and is really starting to enjoy singing. In this journey, we were able to locate a new voice teacher for Tanner who actually is quite a talent vocally herself. In just the last three months, Tanner’s musical journey has led to auditions and concerts with a variety of venues. All this was accomplished in a year, we can’t wait to see what will happen next year!


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