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Added: 07/02/2015
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Keep it up cowboy! Were waiting to hear "Further" on the radio someday.

Posted on: 1st September, 2015 17:12:34

Steve sings from the heart and his music gets in your soul and lights a fire. Definitely what this country needs right now!

Posted on: 29th August, 2015 01:26:52

Steve is a great man and a awesome provider for his family.Love his music it's straight from his heart and soul!! God Bless you Steve.

Posted on: 19th August, 2015 04:25:40

This dude is awesome love his style his music his voise and his patriotism

Posted on: 27th July, 2015 19:19:45

Vote for Hickstick! Thanks ya'll! !!

Posted on: 7th July, 2015 15:46:59

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Name / Band Name: Steve"Hickstick"Hickman
Genres: Country, Rock
Location: Indpls., IN United States

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Likeability Rating: 10 out of 10
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I'm an Indiana Native. Husband and a father of 3.
I'm an Electrician by trade. I'm a singer/songwriter and Country music fan. I've been playing music off and on for the last 20 years. Just Recorded in Nashville in recent months and trying to self promote my Ep. I'm unsigned, and playing locally at this juncture.
But I'm in pursuit of a band love music because it's the best medicine.


Sample Songs
The Longshot by Steve Hickman Steve"Hickstick"Hickman
American Made by Steve Hickman Steve"Hickstick"Hickman
Without You by Steve Hickman. (with session band) Steve"Hickstick"Hickman

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No album available


Wounded Warriors
concert for wounded veterans.
September 26, 2015