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Stacy Farkas

Stacy Farkas

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Added: 08/23/2015
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Posted on: 29th August, 2015 20:46:22

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Name / Band Name: Stacy Farkas
Genres: Pop
Location: Edmonton, AB Canada

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Member Since: 08/23/15
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Title: Stacy Farkas
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Stacy started singing at the age of 4. At the age of 5, she wasn't able to read or write yet, but she could learn a song within just a few days. At the age of 6, she opened a big Canada Day Celebration in Victoria, BC in front of thousands of people. She was part of a theatre production in the summer of 2012, performing several times a day, almost everyday of the week. Her talent has reached over seas. During the summer of 2014, while visiting Hungary, she was invited to do a concert. After her trip, Stacy won First Runner up in the 2014 K-Days Talent Search. She has also opened the Rodeo Finals at Rexall Place. She was part of the Stand Up For Love neurosurgery fundraiser just recently. Stacy has now started hip hop at the Kore Dance Studio where her group has had huge success.
For the past few weeks, Stacy has been the #1 artist on the Edmonton pop artists list..........................................




Sample Songs
Stacy Farkas "Spinning All Around" Stacy Farkas
Stacy Farkas " Incredible" Stacy Farkas
Stacy Farkas " Deam Big" Stacy Farkas

Album List

Stacy Farkas " Incredible"
Stacy Farkas " Incredible"
Stacy Farkas Deam Big
Stacy Farkas Deam Big
Stacy Farkas " Spinning All Around "
Stacy Farkas " Spinning All Around "


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