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Shannon Sergey

Shannon Sergey

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Added: 08/10/2014
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Such an inspirational message. That's what it's all about.

Posted on: 30th August, 2014 18:44:14

This is a great love story that goes beyond the normal love for artistry. The music is as beautiful and uplifting as the Artist herself!!

Posted on: 21st August, 2014 20:16:20

Beautiful story and beautiful goals!

Posted on: 17th August, 2014 18:18:26

I'm thankful for hearts like your's!
(Not sure if the comment below meant that they thought you were whiny, but I hope they were kidding, because that would be ridiculous.) Thank you for caring for children everywhere!!

Posted on: 17th August, 2014 00:08:07

Your too whinny!

Posted on: 16th August, 2014 15:29:32

I agree with the comment below - so great that her two passions are being combined in this competition! Awesome!

Posted on: 16th August, 2014 11:31:00

Beautiful heart and personal touch. Very sincere and moving

Posted on: 16th August, 2014 01:22:39

the most amazing cause and artist ever!!!

Posted on: 16th August, 2014 00:17:17

This is great! I love the story of how love for music and passion for preventing human trafficking were already in place, way before this competition existed, and now it's the perfect blend of them both! I hope this artist will go far and will raise a l

Posted on: 11th August, 2014 02:00:25

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Name / Band Name: Shannon Sergey
Genres: Country, Pop, Rhythm and Blues
Location: Simi Valley, CA United States

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While other children watched cartoons, Shannon found solace since she was a young girl in the music of Gene Kelly, Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.
Her musical education began with piano at the age of seven, followed by approximately nine years of vocal technique and training in nearly all genres; jazz, swing, do-wop, gospel, opera, pop, and country. After singing her first solo at the age of 13 in front of nearly 1,000 people, Shannon knew her passion for music, for performing, would never go away. Audiences to this day comment on the uniqueness present in watching Shannon perform; a genuineness and passion people say is rare to find.
At the age of sixteen Shannon was honored as a California Arts Scholar and graduated from the esteemed summer program at Cal Arts as a vocalist, in addition to local and scholastic recognition in women’s, concert, show and gospel choir and musical theater throughout high school. This led to her acceptance into the esteemed Commercial Music Program as a freshman at Belmont College in Nashville.
After learning guitar, Shannon began writing songs at the age of fourteen, and today has dozens of songs waiting to go into production. Her songs were first published at the age of sixteen to be a part of an artist compilation project that was being prepared to launch at a Christian Music Festival called Spirit West Coast.
She did not enter the studio again until 2004 after signing with a Los Angeles producer (contract expired early 2009). She was put into an R&B group called 2112 with one other male vocalists and a rapper. The artists collectively wrote the melodies and lyrics for the songs and recorded in some of the top studios in Los Angeles with Michael Jackson’s previous guitarist David Williams. While 2112 did not reach the level the group had hoped, it was through this experience that Shannon fell in love with the art of recording.
In 2010 Shannon had the unique honor of leading a team of musical genius’ (including Russell Lee, previous drummer for Frank Sinatra, Elvis and other legendary artists) volunteering their time (including Producer Matthew Slaven and Silverbox Music to create Shannon’s first Independent Album titled “Immeasurably More” with the commitment to donate 100% of the proceeds to fight child trafficking.
Since then she have been writing and performing around Southern California. She also currently leads an amazing worship band at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley for a congregation of approximately 3,000 people.
In 2010 Shannon devoted her talents as a singer, songwriter and author to God to further the prevention, rescue and restoration of children trapped in sexual slavery. And as the President and Spokesman for Forever Found, Shannon has been featured on NBC and in newspapers, online journals, radio stations and talk shows to raise awareness of child trafficking and prostitution.
Shannon studied Theology at Oxford University in England and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism with a minor in Philosophy from Azusa Pacific University.
She and her husband Taylor live in Simi Valley, California with their sons Jace and Liam.


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Immeasurably More
Immeasurably More


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