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Sharine O'Neill

Sharine O'Neill

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Added: 07/01/2021
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Posted on: 1st March, 2012 22:03:39

Artist Profile

Name / Band Name: Sharine O'Neill
Genres: Acoustic, Country, Folk, Pop, Spiritual
Location: Goefis, Austria

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Member Since: 07/01/21
Profile Views: 4086
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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
Fans: 4

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Hi, my name is Sharine O’Neill

I´m a Singer, Songwriter and Producer born 1966 in Dornbirn/ Austria.

Now I´m living in a small village, called Göfis; that is situated about thirty Kilometers from the German border and it takes me from here just five minutes by car to the Swiss border.

I´m happily married, raised three lovely kids and I love horses very much. I got five of them and I got my own little horse ranch where lots of kids come for riding every day.

I got a dog too, a Jack Russel Terrier named Cora and I got two lovely Grey Parrots – Jakob and Tara who talk a lot.

Still my favorite passion is music. I play the Akkordeon since early days, used to teach it for over twenty years as I started to teach it at my tender age of eleven.

As I was raised within a family where we made our own music, we sang and played our instruments nearly every week together, did I learn to play the guitar too. Me Dad used to play in a band at that time.

Back in 1990 did I take more singing and guitar lessons to improve my playing and a few years later did I form my first Country Band named “Goldrush”. That band didn´t last long and I started my solo career and I began to compose and record my own songs. In 1999 did I release my first single and it was a huge success here in our region as it was on Austrian TV and promoted by Radio stations because it was for the Benefit of the refugees of the Balkan war.

This was the first time that I gathered some good and famous Austrian musicians around me to realize my projects and songs. And this is what I´m doing right now. Sometimes I do have some gigs, not many, I keep on composing and recording my songs with my friends in Studio and if there is one person only that I can make happy with my songs, than I´m happy too and I´ve done a good job.

Love and Light to all of you

Musical Profile details:

Genre: Folk, Folk-Rock, Country, Blues, Pop and spiritual music

1975 – learning to play the Akkordeon – first lessons
1978 – starting to teach the Akkordeon
1984 – 1990 Akkordeon teacher at Austrian music schools
1990 – taking first guitar lessons
1993 – formed my first Country Band “Goldrush”
1994 – 1998 composing, writing and recording of first own songs
1996 - 2009 diverse Solo gigs at small events
1997 – 2000 taking guitar and singing lessons for further improvement
1999 – release of first single “ Yugoslavia Burns”
2007 – 2010 member of “Full of Joy” a Woman Choir of the Music School Dornbirn
2008 – launching youtube page
2009 – formed “The Crazy Sisters” with my true sisters and singing covers of The Andrews Sisters
2010 - more gigs at small events
2010 – release of single “Christmas, Christmas” recorded with a amateur Childrens Choir
2011 – production of “SOS – Save Our Souls” Benefit Double CD for the support of the Red Cross Austria and Japan and release of new single “White Roses”



Sample Songs
Sharine O'Neill - Hymn of the Highlands Sharine O'Neill
Sharine O'Neill - Indians danced for summer rain Sharine O'Neill
Sharine O'Neill - Red dust in my eyes Sharine O'Neill

Album List

Sharine O'Neill - Indians Danced For Summer Rain
Sharine O'Neill - Indians Danced For Summer Rain


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