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Sarah Vitort

Sarah Vitort

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Added: 07/27/2015
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Name / Band Name: Sarah Vitort
Genres: Country, Pop, Rock
Location: Portland, OR United States

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Title: Young Love - Sarah Vitort
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Sarah is a Portland-born singer songwriter releasing her debut album, “Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul.” After quitting her corporate job in 2013 to travel in South America, she began writing music aimed at inspiring others to find the courage to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Much of Sarah’s songwriting inspiration is drawn from her experiences traveling and challenging the expectations society unnecessarily puts on her generation.

Upon returning Stateside, Sarah took to the Internet to crowdfund the production and promotion of her album. With the project fully funded, she was able to begin working with Portland producer Jeanot Lewis-Rolland and studio musicians Colin Johnson and Mathieu Lewis-Rolland to take her acoustic solo songs and create a fuller, radio- ready sound.

Armed with soulful vocals, catchy lyrics and a style she’s playfully dubbed “Hippie Rock,” Sarah captivates her audience by speaking from the heart and connecting with the imaginative, emotional, playful side of humanity. “Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul” tells her story, allowing the listener a peek into Sarah’s own wild heart. Each song offers a unique puzzle piece that fits into the album’s big picture, from Latin-inspired “Trouble” to the heart-wrenching ballad “Just For Tonight;” the whiskey-soaked “A Date With Jack,” and of course, her puppy love radio single “Young Love.” The album is ultimately designed to inspire and uplift; to merge popular music and living outside the box in a way that has seldom been done. The full 11-track album is available on iTunes and continues to garner positive attention.

Sarah can be found playing around the Northwest with her band. Tour dates and more information can be found at www.sarahvitortmusic.com.


Sample Songs
Natural Disaster Sarah Vitort
A Date With Jack Sarah Vitort

Album List

Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul
Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul


Sarah Vitort @ Seabrook Sunset Concert Series
Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, and find your spot in the amphitheater for a memorable summer sunset with live music in the background. Every Friday in August, you have a chance to enjoy the live music of some amazing performers while catching one of
Seabrook, WA
August 14, 2015
Sarah Vitort @ Prairie Bar & Grill
Sarah will be playing a solo acoustic set for local fans in Brush Prairie, WA.
Brush Prairie, WA
August 12, 2015
Sarah Vitort and Colin Johnsons @ Al's Den
Playing a set as an acoustic duo at the iconic Crystal Hotel in Portland, OR.
Portland, OR
August 6, 2015