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Ryan Williamson

Ryan Williamson

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Added: 07/15/2015
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Amazing Talent!!!!

Posted on: 10th August, 2015 11:57:25

A reaaly talented writer and singer!

Posted on: 10th August, 2015 11:37:55

Crazy good.

Posted on: 30th July, 2015 14:10:58

Incredibly talented.

Posted on: 30th July, 2015 14:07:56

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Name / Band Name: Ryan Williamson
Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Pop
Location: Concord, NH United States

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Member Since: 07/15/15
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New Hampshire native and singer-songwriter Ryan Williamson has been active in the New England music scene for just two years, but he's making a name for himself--and fast! He is one of those performers who can capture an audience on the first note and quiet a crowd in even the loudest of venues, opening for major acts such as Incubus, Rascal Flatts and Scotty Mccreery.
A self taught musician, Ryan began performing music in high school while attending Phillips Exeter Academy. "I was a small fish in a big pond at Exeter. I was surrounded by kids smarter, more athletic and more musically talented than I was, but I gained invaluable lessons by observing and appreciating the talents of others while working on my own."
It wasn't until college that Ryan began to write music of his own, using life experience to tell stories through his songs. "I began writing songs for myself, primarily as therapy, I guess. I had no idea it would become such an important part of my life or that people would actually want to hear them."
In 2013 Ryan recorded his first 4-track EP at Dreamsicle Arts and Entertainment, produced by internationally acclaimed
songwriter/vocalist/producer Vinx De'Jon Parrette. "We have been fortunate to travel the globe and we have brought some amazing artists to our stage in this past year. But it is always wonderful to discover an artist of this caliber in our own backyard...His songs rival those you'd hear on any major market radio station."
- Dreamsicle Arts & Entertainment
With his second EP just released in May 2015, Ryan continues to perform regularly in venues and festivals around New England, attracting new fans and gaining local recognition as a name to remember.


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Maybe Tonight Ryan Williamson
Maggies Song Ryan Williamson
Comfortable Confusion Ryan Williamson

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