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Added: 02/24/2013
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Great voice, great performer, great look. future star indeed.

Posted on: 4th March, 2013 08:03:32

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Name / Band Name: Ria
Genres: Pop
Location: wilmington, MA United States

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Title: Love Me For Me
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Eighteen year old pop phenom Ria is one of the brightest up and coming young talents on the pop music landscape.
In today's music industry it is a necessity to have all of the essentials, the right image, ability to engage a live audience and of course talent.
Ria has all of those and throw in an extra large dose of personality and you have the makings of a future pop star. With an amazing soulful maturity to her voice and a youthful energy she has the rare ability to have both the respect of the older audience and music critics while building and holding onto a legion of today's young teen and tween market. This young, new artist is truly unparalleled in the music world. She, through the shear majestic power of her own voice, has transcended the myriad bargain bin pop-punk princesses into a profound creative force. Her voice not only refines the word “power” in power-pop in her more upbeat tracks, but can flawlessly transform itself, becoming heartbreaking, delicate and haunting. The emotions and experience she evokes are made all the more impressive when one discovers that her artistic potential has not yet peaked at a tender 18. Ria is an artist whose fresh new style of classic rock and roll has just begun to shake the music landscape. You have been warned. "—

Having performed with legendary conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, led him to saying : “RIA has it all … a voice, communicativeness and just enough attitude to know she belongs on the stage." Ria has grown up on stage performing at many live concerts and benefit events.
With a deep passion for music and her undeniable talents Ria is well on her way to stake her claim as the next pop music teen queen



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Battle of the Bands
Ria EatonRia will be guest performer at , Battle of the Bands ,"Notes for Cure" at the Dedham Community Theater, on April 29th !! Where she will be performing the songs she sang as the voice of Vita, in the animated series "Zebrafish"
Dedham community Theatre
April 29, 2010