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Michael Pierce

Michael Pierce

Personal Video
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Added: 03/21/2019
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Pure talent, awesome young man!

Posted on: 26th April, 2019 14:07:33

Great talent and the personality to go with it!

Posted on: 24th April, 2019 17:44:27

Such a talented enthusiasts this boy will be on the charts one day.

Posted on: 21st April, 2019 12:38:04

I have watched this young man grow up... He is amazing and honest!!! Very talented and will work very hard to please his audience... Best wishes to him and I am most definitely a fan and a follower of his!!!! Love ya Michael Pierce !!!! Pam McSweeney

Posted on: 21st April, 2019 00:53:28

Way to go Michael! We’re rooting for you buddy!

Posted on: 20th April, 2019 17:22:34

Keep up the good work

Posted on: 20th April, 2019 01:44:36

Good luck bud! Keep following your dreams! We are rooting for you!

Posted on: 20th April, 2019 01:41:35

11 years old. Wow. Young man you’re awesome. Follow your dreams. Beautiful voice and love your personality. Definitely seeing a very bright future for you. Best of luck.

Posted on: 18th April, 2019 17:14:17

Haha adorable

Posted on: 12th April, 2019 21:42:05

Michael, you have an amazing voice and a wonderful personality. The sky is the limit with your amazing talent! I will be watching!

Posted on: 11th April, 2019 02:55:37

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Name / Band Name: Michael Pierce
Genres: Classic Rock, Classical, Pop
Location: LAKE JACKSON, TX United States

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I am 11 years old but I will be 12 in April. The video reel explains me pretty good. I am a comedian, musician and actor. I just enjoy entertaining people. When I can make someone smile or get people to laugh, it makes me smile. I love to laugh and do imitations. I'm not a huge video gamer but I do like to play online with friends sometimes. I have been singing and playing the piano for 4 years and I only plan to get better. I have loved music ever since I could talk. I usually don't get nervous about performing because I have played for my friends for years. My family is extremely supportive and I would not be able to do what I do, if they didn't support my dreams. My mom and dad and my brother are my biggest fans and they give me encouragement and push me to give 100%. I have a YouTube Channel PianoMan11* where my music video and acting monologues are posted. I really don't want to do anything else but perform. My favorite thing to eat is hamburgers. It's weird, but I do not like cheese, but I could probably eat my weight in cheez-its!! My music genre is pretty wide open. I play music from "Bach to Rock". I love the Beatles and Queen but I also love Eminem and can pretty much recite "Rap God" without the curse words. I hope you all enjoy my videos and one thing is for sure..... I am going to be playing and singing and performing. I will never stop learning and growing and trying to get better. Hugs


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Greenville Texas
April 27, 2019