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Michelle Buyko

Michelle Buyko

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Added: 07/23/2014
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Name / Band Name: Michelle Buyko
Genres: Pop
Location: Fredericton, Canada

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I am 11 years old. I have started music practices at the children Jazz Band when I was 4 years old. I am a winner of such awards as Grand Prix at International competition Kochav Marom(Israel 2011), second place at Winter`s Tale(czech Republic, 2012), first place at Rainbow of Talents(Israel,2012), first place at Felicita(Italy, 2012), finalist of New Wave Junior(Ukraine, 2013).
For this moment, singing is my favorite activity, that's why it is a great pleasure for me to participate at several events in Canada. I was invited to sing with UNB Concert Band at UNB Conservatorium, to perform in TULSA Multicultural Fair 2014 at the Noel Kinsella Auditorium, STU, to sing the National Anthem of Canada at the opening Ceremony of Fredericton City Council meeting, to perform at Capitol Theater's Summer Concert (Moncton) and other events.


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