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Mikalyn Hay

Mikalyn Hay

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Added: 10/03/2015
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Good luck to everyone in the competition - its fun to hear your songs and watch your videos!! Keep chasing your dreams!!

Posted on: 7th September, 2016 20:10:58

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Name / Band Name: Mikalyn Hay
Genres: Acoustic, Pop
Location: Guelph, ON Canada

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Usually when people first hear me sing or perform, they say, how old is she? It doesn't help that I am very tall as well. Despite my age (13), I have been a singer and songwriter and performer for as long as I can remember. From my first live performance of Irish Lullaby in front of my school in Senior Kindergarten to any recent week where I spend my days studying music, singing in a gig, taking lessons, or songwriting. Music is my focus and life. I am also learning as much as I can about the business of music - but to be honest my focus is on constantly pushing for improvement in my music. More often than not, I am not satisfied with what I have done and I know it can be better - that is what motivates me. My favorite musicians right now are edgy female alternative pop girls - although I also appreciate class Canadian singers like Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young. I am still experimenting with my own style but people that know a ton about music say I sound like Dido or Norah Jones (which I take as a nice compliment). I want to be a performing artist and in order to do that I know that I have to write songs that mean something to people. That is a tall order I know - but that is my goal, and thus far the journey has been amazing. So many of my musical friends band together and pitch in. The music community is incredible. Thanks for reading my bio :)

"Mikalyn is a unique artist..old soul and world weary and yet so young and fresh. She comes at every song with a deep sense of herself as an artist with an alternative view of what is cool and classic in the same breath" - Zack Werner

“I have spent a little time with Mikalyn and was immediately very impressed with her young talent and sense of commitment to the challenges of both songwriting and performing. She is not a "copy cat” artist type, she has a very positive vision about herself, her future and understands the work ethic needed to grow.” – Don Grierson


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