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Megan Manning

Megan Manning

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Added: 09/04/2013
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Very cool sound (mix of rock & blues)...Love the ending - would hate to be that guy (lol).

Posted on: 25th November, 2013 13:46:05

Love your music. Can't wait for more!!!!

Posted on: 25th November, 2013 13:39:52

Very soulful sound. Great song & Lyrics!

Posted on: 18th November, 2013 08:24:01

Hi everyone...my name is Megan Manning and I'm a 16 yr old singer / songwriter from Indiana.

I'm somewhat new to TW; but one thing I must say is that I've been very impressed of the amount of the amount talent across the website.

I hope you take time

Posted on: 28th September, 2013 11:23:50

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Name / Band Name: Megan Manning
Genres: Alternative, Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Pop
Location: Indianapolis, IN United States

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Likeability Rating: 9 out of 10
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Born in the Midwest, Megan has had the good fortune of growing up in a melting pot of many musical genres. Megan is heavily influenced in both her singing and songwriting by artist such as; Kelly Clarkson, P!NK, Carrie Underwood, Haley Williams (of Paramore fame) and Avril Lavigne. As such, Megan enjoys performing Pop, Rock, Country, Pop-Country as well as Alternative music.

Over the past several years Megan began trying her hand at songwriting. Around the same period of time, Megan was introduced to the Recording Studio experience.

Lightning Struck Studios is where Megan originally recorded a variety of cover songs; many from the artist listed above. This was a key step in her continued growth as an artist; as it provided important exposure within the studio setting.

As Megan’s songwriting started to come full circle, she approached Mike Perry of Lightning Struck Studios about possibly working with him and some additional studio musicians in attempt to begin recording her own original music. Mike enlisted Phil Elmore, who ended up not only performing on the EP, but also producing it. It was very obvious very early on that Mike, Phil and Megan were quite cohesive together.

Megan originally recorded and published "Anticipating" in advance of the "Mistaken" EP release as part of the Texaco Country Showdown. The response by random listeners during the competition was very good. Positive enough that in the fall of 2012 Megan decided that she would put together a small sampling of her songs out into the market place; and of course she turned to Mike and Phil to help make it happen.

"Mistaken" EP which was released April 2nd,2013 contains four original pieces by Megan. "Anticipating", "Let it go", "Truth is" and "Y?" round out the track listing on the EP. Understanding that "Mistaken" is a prelude to a full CD offering planned for 2014 release; Megan continues to diligently work on new material on a regular basis (with several new songs in the works and almost ready to head to the studio to lay down scratch tracks).


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Album List

Megan Manning - MISTAKEN
Megan Manning - MISTAKEN
Imperfections and all
Imperfections and all


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Taping 2-songs for show
Nashville, TN
February 8, 2014
Johnson County Fair
Free Stage
Franklin, IN
July 19, 2013